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A trip to Bonnyton house

As part of our intergenerational learning programme, Sarah-Jane and Zoe took a group of children over to Bonnyton house to work with some of the residents to play some games with them!

The children learned some new songs from the ladies and gents and they even learned baby shark in preparation for us coming over which the children were so excited about!

We played some ball games with the parachute and enjoyed a yummy snack!

“This is my new friend”

We had great fun with the parachute

Exploring shapes!

Today in the numeracy area, the boys and girls have been exploring different 2D shapes and learning the names of them.

I know that’s a hexagon!

We have been exploring some new resources in the nursery and using them to learn our shape names. The children were finding the correct shape to match the ones in the picture.

Diamonds and triangles on the butterfly

I know a square, a diamond and a triangle!

Fun in the sun!

This afternoon, we went to the muddy fields behind the nursery with our puddle suits and wellies on!

We took a bottle of water with us and poured it into a massive muddy puddle to make it squelchy to slide into. The children had fun running down the grassy hill and sliding into the muddy puddle.

We also took a large rope which the children used to play tug of war and take turns to pull each other down the large hill. A few of them then decided they wanted to try and make a swing using the two trees at the top of the hill. This required some team work and problem solving!

”I have the muddiest hands”
”It’s so slidey i cant get up”
”we have muddy bottoms”

a game of tug of war
”How do you think we could make a swing”

Preparing for Daffodil tea!

As part of our intergenerational programme, we have some visitors coming next week from Bonnyton house to join us for some tea and crafts.

The children have been creating some of their own decorations to brighten up our family room for our special tea that we are having.

The children have been looking at vases of daffodils and using pencils to draw their own. They then re visited their pictures and added in some colour. This afternoon we selected some green and yellow materials to create collage daffodils!

”The stem of the flower is green”
”The petals of the flower are yellow”
”I’m going to make two so i can take one home”
”Daffodils don’t have any leaves”


Happy birthday to you!

There has been some children and staff’s birthday’s recently,  so we have been discussing birthday parties and what we would need to have a party!

The children have been creating their own birthday cakes and using different coloured materials to create their own patterns on the cakes.

The children chose different colours and created a simple pattern to make the icing on their cake. This learning experience allows the children to identify different patterns and to copy and complete their own simple pattern.

”chocolate cake is my favorite”


”My icing is blue, yellow, pink”

We are artists!

The children have been learning all about an artist called Henri Rousseau. He created animal pictures and was very famous for his simplistic approach to art.

Not a lot of people liked his art and we have been discussing that not everyone will like our work and that is ok.

The boys and girls worked together and described what they liked and disliked about their friends artwork.

This activity allowed the children to observe, describe and reflect in a positive manner, on their own and their peers artwork.


”I can make the elephant, he is grey”
”Your tiger is so good Amber”
”I’ve done the tiger too!”
”Orange and black for the stripes”
”You’re doing a really good job Logan”
”The monkey has blue whiskers”


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today in the art area the children have been showing their creativity through using a variety of media to create their own Valentine’s crafts. The children have been talking about the people that they love and the reasons why they love them.

The children made collage love hearts, Valentines day cards and love bugs for their someone special using different pink and red materials.


”I love my mummy because she gives me hugs”
”i love my daddy because he makes me laugh”
”i love my mummy, shes happy”
”i love my mummy, my daddy and Emily, they are my family”

”I love my daddy because he plays games with me”

We can make patterns!

As our numeracy focus this term is patterns,  children used transient art with pom poms to copy and complete a simple pattern.

To provide challenge for the children, we introduced tweezers for them to pick up the pom poms.  This helps to develop their pincer grip and fine motor control.

”this pattern is green and pink”
”this one is quite tricky but i can do it”

”I can make this pattern, pink, yellow”

Transient Art

The children using the Art and Design area have been looking at combining  different materials to create a piece of art. We selected a variety of loose parts and the children chose which ones they wanted to use and created their own artwork in the frames.

We discussed how we can re-use the materials to make other things too!

”I can make a doggy, they have four legs”

”I’m making my daddy”

”I’m making a stick man, he has two legs and two eyes”

Christmas Spelling!

In the literacy area today, the children have been practicing their spelling using the magnetic letters. The boys and girls discussed all the different Christmas words that we could think of and tried their hardest to find the letters to some of their favourite words!

”I can spell the word tree”
”I am looking for C for Cat”

”I am looking for R for Rudolph”