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Forest School – Week 3

This week we noticed how much more we could see in the Busby Glen Wood due to the trees losing lots of leaves.  We could see the river and the train going over the bridge.

The children were a bit quicker walking to and from the forest, so we think they are getting used to the walk.

We have been focussing on building friendships, becoming aware of risk and how to manage this and of course enjoyment.

The children are very engaged and motivated by swings!  They love making the swing  with rope and a sturdy branch for a seat and then off they go.

This week they made a foot swing and a ladder.

We created tree art with some clay and the natural treasures of the forest.

We tried out the slack line.

Our Forest School experiences are allowing our children to learn about the natural world and I love this quote from John Muir which sums it up perfectly:


Outdoor fun

Today the children decided to explore weight. They gathered resources and used them to create scales on which they could balance and compare their body weight. The children used lots of mathematical language to describe their findings. Matthew found that he was heavier than a ball and that if he stood in the middle the wood stayed balanced.

Other children decided to add some shampoo to the large outdoor sink. Splashing and watching the water and bubbles flow was great fun. Dominic commented; “this is so much fun”


Our lovely new nursery guests arrived today.

The children were happy to meet the caterpillars that will be with us until they retreat to their chrysalis and change into something beautiful. I wonder what that can be.

Some children were able to tell staff but we shall see if they are correct.

The boys and girls liked their little wriggly bodies and watched as they crawled up the sides of the container.  They then collected paper and pens to draw a picture of our new friends.


Forest School

Today was a first ever visit to Forest School for some of our children, so they were very excited. We sang our Forest School song, did our group Risk Assessment and discussed safe boundaries.  We quickly realised whilst we were deep in the forest that the midgies are very much back in season as we were scratching and waving them away the whole time.  After our initial exploration,  some of the children spent some time decorating  a Forest stick to bring back to the centre. Calum found a very tiny stick and he was interested to measure it next to a larger one he had found. He also helped us to identify a jaggy nettle plant.

We moved higher up into the Forest to have our snack away from the midgies, that seemed to work!


Den Building

Today the children decided that they would like to build a “DEN”

They collected lots of bits and pieces from the outdoor play area and began to make the structure.

Kaile collected bricks and wooden planks. He used the wheelbarrow to transport the items to the den building sight.

Lewis and Dominick were very busy constructing the walls; they put the blocks and the wood into place. The boys and girls worked well together and were really happy with their achievement. Fabulous!!


Block Play

The children have been using their imagination in the block play area today.

Clara and Amber worked together to build a car with two seats. The pretended to be mummies and fed their babies.

Abbey and Ellie decided to build a tree house for Clare and the Bear. Ellie said, “Clare and the Bear rhyme.”

The children worked together, cooperating well to build the tree house. Clare asked for a window so that she could see out.  The children decided that they would build the tree house up to Clare’s head height.

Ellie explained that two blocks going up would be needed and one long block across.

When the structure was complete, Ellie handed Clare a pretend ipad and told her she could keep busy in the tree house.

Fairy Tales in the Forest….

On our way to the forest today, we did Follow the Leader, and sang our Forest School song. Ask your child to sing it with you.

As always we did some exploring on arrival.

Ayana said “Look, this letter is in my name!”

The children remembered about the fairies last week and were surprised to see sparkly trails leading from the fairy tree. When they followed these magical trails , they were excited to find little Easter bunnies and eggs!

There was also a tiny note. Helen read the note to the children. It was from the fairies.. it said Happy Easter !

Special thanks to  Helen, a member of our WRAP team who also volunteers with us one day a week.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Forest School Fairies


There was much excitement in the forest today as the children discovered a sparkly trail around a tree in the forest. The children thought that there had been fairies visiting our site.

Ayana found a tiny silver star. We think that there is magic going on around the fairy tree. We made  a little path for the fairies. Next week we will see if it is still there.