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Let’s talk technology.

Today in the Discovery room we are continuing our ongoing interest in directions.  We have been learning about positional language. We have been learning forwards, backwards, left and right.
We have been making up our own games in the garden, walking in the direction that’s called out, we have been using the smart board to look at maps, to find what direction we walk in to get to nursery. All our information, pictures and children’s work is put into our floor book each day which the children love to look at and have full ownership of.

We were learning about direction this morning by programming the beebots in the direction of the cards. We were all very good at this. It was fun to watch the beebots move the way we programmed it to follow our instructions.

This afternoon we were learning to use the remote control to move the cats in the position we wanted it to move. We even had a race to see which cat could move forward and win the race.

There has been a much fun learning experiences going on today in our Discovery Room. I wonder where our learning journey will take us next.

Welcome back to the Discovery Room.

Welcome back everyone it’s good to see everyone back again,  We have all been busy exploring the toys in the discovery room and reconnecting with our friends.

We have been investigating the technology toys, working out how to make them move.

We used our creative skills to work side by side with our friends to discuss our feelings and use or writing skills to record how we feel.

We used the interactive board as another way to mark make and record our feelings today.

We were busy using our curiosity to make different objects using different shapes and sized  loose parts in our construction area.

We also took our learning outdoors, to use our muddy movers skills.
It has been so much fun being back and can’t wait to come back again tomorrow.


Plenty of Patterns

This week in the Discovery room we are learning about patterns. We have spotted and explored patterns both indoors and outdoors

We have been learning about patterns of colours. We have been grouping the colours then making colour patterns to copy and continue.

We also used our fine manipulative skills to to trace the patterns on the board using our fingers or the pencil. We discussed the different types of pattern on each of the boards.

We used technology to help us with our pattern recognition skills. We traced then copied simple familiar patterns on the smart board using our mark making skills.

We used natural loose parts to explore the patterns we find in our environments such as shells and pine cones. We then used these loose parts to make our own pattern.

Can you spot any patterns in your home?  Why don’t you try and make some patterns using what you can find at home or even in your garden.