Addition & Subtraction

Today has been an exciting day as the children moved from the Home Room into the Discovery Room. They have been busy investigating and exploring the new areas.

They have enjoyed using the Promethean active board in particular, where they explored a variety of numeracy games through Top Marks. You could try these at home too on

The children developed their numeracy skills, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, as well as sharing, taking turns and recognising the need to follow rules.  We had great fun being able to identify and recognise numbers 0-20. We were able to estimate how many without having to count. The children counted forwards and backwards and were learning how to add and subtract. We all enjoyed learning new language to describe subtraction and adding e.g take away; add one more on. “I have to put one back”  “we need two more to make ten”.

Later in the day the children decided they wanted to get fit and do a sticky kids exercise activities.

We had so much fun listening and following the actions whilst showing off our gross motor skills, balancing skills, jumping and developing our awareness of space. Well done everyone! Why not give it a go at home 👍

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