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Welcome Back!

A big welcome back to all of our children and families some of whom were back today with the remainder back during this week.  The children missed their friends and were busy catching up on missed play times.  We have lots of exciting things happening this term which we look forward to sharing with you and your children.

One of these exciting experiences is Forest School.  We have a record 32 children accessing Forest School this term.   There is an information session for the parents/carers of this group of children this Thursday at 5pm so please look out for the e-mail invite which was sent today.

Happy New Year!

Forest Schools Best Bits

We are now at the end of our Forest school block one, what a journey it has been. Stephanie, Sharon, Val and Gemma have had the pleasure of seeing your children grow through the last ten weeks. We have observed children grow in confidence, taking on new challenges and building new friendships.

Here are some of our favourite memories.

Mud Make up became a tradition.

Our children challenged their gross motor development and reached new goals every week.

We learned new skills with tools. We assessed the risk and made decisions based on our own and others safety.

We watched as children developed new friendships and worked with each other as a team.

Our most favourite and memorable day was in week 6 – the mudiest week of all! We made a mud slide. There was laughter from all, children and staff and it will be a memory we treasure forever. For us staff, we appreciated how lucky we are to have a job that fills us with so much fun, joy and laughter.

We finished our journey off with a cook out which went down a treat.

We have had a great 10 weeks and we hope to hear how your child’s experience has been through our evaluation sheets. If you did not receive one please let Stephanie, Sharon, Val or Gemma know and we can get one to you.

Forest School

Here at Cart Mill Family Centre we just love blogging about our daily adventures! The children who attended Forest School today experienced a “greener” forest than in previous weeks as the trees, flowers and plants are really beginning to get into full summertime growth. By spending time in the natural woodland in this way, the children experience first hand the effects of nature on the environment.  Catriona told me “I like it when the birds sing in the forest”. Although we are only a few feet from a busy road and a housing estate, it can feel very remote and peaceful, and very often the children don’t want to return to the family centre too soon! If you are interested in finding out more about Forest School, or would like to attend a session please let us know. In the meantime, when you are out and about with your child, please take a little moment every so often to look at and taljk about the seasonal changes. You will be surprised by how much your child knows!

Forest School

Today was a first ever visit to Forest School for some of our children, so they were very excited. We sang our Forest School song, did our group Risk Assessment and discussed safe boundaries.  We quickly realised whilst we were deep in the forest that the midgies are very much back in season as we were scratching and waving them away the whole time.  After our initial exploration,  some of the children spent some time decorating  a Forest stick to bring back to the centre. Calum found a very tiny stick and he was interested to measure it next to a larger one he had found. He also helped us to identify a jaggy nettle plant.

We moved higher up into the Forest to have our snack away from the midgies, that seemed to work!


Fairy Tales in the Forest….

On our way to the forest today, we did Follow the Leader, and sang our Forest School song. Ask your child to sing it with you.

As always we did some exploring on arrival.

Ayana said “Look, this letter is in my name!”

The children remembered about the fairies last week and were surprised to see sparkly trails leading from the fairy tree. When they followed these magical trails , they were excited to find little Easter bunnies and eggs!

There was also a tiny note. Helen read the note to the children. It was from the fairies.. it said Happy Easter !

Special thanks to  Helen, a member of our WRAP team who also volunteers with us one day a week.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Forest School Fairies


There was much excitement in the forest today as the children discovered a sparkly trail around a tree in the forest. The children thought that there had been fairies visiting our site.

Ayana found a tiny silver star. We think that there is magic going on around the fairy tree. We made  a little path for the fairies. Next week we will see if it is still there.








Forest School

Today we experienced all kinds of wintry weather, snow, hail, rain and wind in the forest. The wind was NOISY! Jacob enjoyed using a knife to whittle his stick. Gia found an interesting hole and ant hill, and Luci and Amelie enjoyed climbing again a tree again. Cameron found interesting feathers. The children enjoyed some warming hot chocolate and pancakes for snack. The picture shows them getting their own snack and cups out of their backpacks. Lots of independence at Forest School which helps to build self esteem and resilience.

Forest School

It was snowing at Forest School today and very cold, we were glad to have our hot chocolate at snack time. We noticed some interesting changes to some of the woodland. We saw and felt the pussy willow on the branches. It was soft. We also saw some bluebells starting to grow. This made us think about springtime and new growth.  The children spotted a jaggy nettle plant when we were doing our risk assessment, and pointed it out to everyone. After that he spent a lot of time exploring with his magnifying glass.


We made a tree swing and worked together to make the swing work. As always we did some climbing.