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Forest School Week 2

Last week the children went to our smaller forest school but today we went on a big adventure to our favourite site at Busby Glen. There was so much to explore. The walk was very exciting, we saw a train track and went under a big bridge. We were told by one of the children there were 400 trees on the way. They  found some really big trees to climb and had lots of fun but the highlight was definitely the hot chocolate!

I can balance.
I’m going higher.
Can I put my biscuit in?

I love marshmallows!

Forest School Catch Up

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of posts from Forest School due to technical difficulties.   Secondly i hope you enjoy a look back on your children’s exciting experiences over the previous three weeks.

We have had experiences of:

Risk assessment – children have identified hazards from around the sites and we have discussed the actions we must take to keep ourselves and others safe.

Looking for wildlife – Children have been using the tools to search for mini beasts on our site, and fishing nets to look in the water. Children are then involved in discussions on how we respect the mini beasts and their habitats. 

Working with others in a team is something we leaders love to see at the forest.

Tree Climbing – Children have been exploring their capabilities when climbing trees, exploring measurement and developing their co-ordination, problem solving and balancing skills.

We have also had a band in the forest, Children are using resources from around our site to create sounds and are then performing these to their peers.

Some children started to build their own fire, firstly their insured their safety by creating a boundary around the fire. Secondly the children collected stick and built the fire. Lastly the children tried rubbing two stick together to make it light. Unfortunately this didn’t work however we will revisit this

Mud make-up – children have been creative using the pallets of mud make up that symbolises that they have been at forest school. Children have been proud of their make up and like to showcase this back at the centre and at home.

An interest in flowers sparked a beautiful transient art flower circle.

The children found fresh water shrimps that were so tiny we had to use our magnifiers to see them properly.


We also found a giant slug that we took back to the family centre to show our friends.

More Forest School photos this Friday!

Forest School- Week 9!

This week was our forest school week 9. What a fast 9 weeks and sadly we had some interruption throughout due to weather  including this week.  But this never stopped us having fun!


Unfortunately on Tuesday we had a yellow weather warning of high winds and this does make it very unsafe in a forest.  The children have been involved in discussion about why it was too unsafe.

We instead found a big field where we could explore and work as a team using the rope. One of our seats blew away and we found it in the big puddle. Children worked together to get it back.  The children discussed how we could save it while keeping themselves safe. After lots of problem solving the best way to do this was to get in the puddle with the seat and rescue it with their hands ! Well done!


On Wednesday we still had a yellow wind warning in place and the children decided they would play in the park as it was safer than entering the forest. The children worked together and supported each other to use some of the equipment.  One of the children then decided to bring forest school to the park and brought out the rope. He asked a member of staff to tie a safe rope on the the climbing frame so he could climb up the side. The children spent all morning working with each other and did not require much staff support. We even forgot to have snack and had to have it when we got back to nursery.

Thursday am

Phew our weather warning has gone. Today we returned to our forest for week 9. Our children took off from where they left off. Our dens were built, we explored the slope, made our own and others snack, applied mud make up and balanced along a fallen tree. Busy bees!

Thursday PM

We got ready super fast and got to the forest in record time.  The children enjoyed climbing the fallen trees, making knots with the rope and of course hot chocolate under the canopy.  We never underestimate the pleasure and sense of achievement that children and adults feel when they climb a tree and neither did Friedrich Froebel in 1826.

Next week its ‘Cook Out’ week.  We will be cooking our lunch on the fire and having another chance to play with our friends in the forest.

Forest School – Week 8

This week all groups had an opportunity to use a bow saw. The bow saw is a tool particularly good for cutting wood.

Prior to using any tools staff have a safety briefing with children to discuss the risks that come along with using them. As this is week 8 children are aware and are talking about hazards and risks more frequently without adult encouragement.

To make our tree cookies we used wood that we had previously cut, the reason we do this is to ensure we are not removing any wood from the woodland that doesn’t need to be removed. Sticks and broken trees are a good resource of nutrients for the soil in the wood therefore we like to leave as much of them their to decompose, they also provide habitats for mini beasts.


Some children were more interested in exploring and using the rope swings, they will have the opportunity to use the bow saw next week again if they choose.

Others liked looking for minibeasts and climbing trees.