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Boat Building at Rouken Glen Park

Last week we took a trip to Rouken Glen Park.

We met with Katy who is a Ranger in the park and we designed and built our own boats.

Katy showed us a boat that she had built and then we had a go at building our own using different junk materials.

We put plastic on the bottom of our boats as we wanted them to be water proof.

Katy took us down to the water. She went into the water and we watched from the side.

Katy put our boats into the water and they raced down the stream to the finishing line. Some boats got stuck and Katy had to rescue them with her net.

We had a great time.

Down on the Farm

Today we went on an adventure on the coach to the Museum of Rural Life.  We were no sooner there and it was time for our tractor ride up to the farm.  It was a bumpy but fun ride on board the “Farm Explorer”.

We were met at the farm by our friendly guide, Margaret.  Margaret took us around the farm and talked to us about the animals and life on a farm.

We loved the farm cat, Sooty, and he loved us.  Sooty wanted to follow us around and was very gentle when we petted him.

We also learned about bees and what they need to do to make honey.  We found a couple of happy bees just buzzing around!

After lunch we headed to the play park and the sun came out.

The children worked well as a group.  They helped each other, listened to each other and one child asked everyone if they were having a good time – the answer was a resounding “yes”.

Autumn Adventures

Today some of the children went on an Autumn walk to collect leaves and sticks for the nursery. In pairs the children had a bag to fill, they decided they wanted to have a competition to see who would fill the bags the quickest. As the children were collecting the leaves, we talked about the colours, shapes and sizes of the leaves.

Matthew was very happy with the “big yellow leaf” he found.

Once we had filled our bags, the children discovered some BIG muddy puddles and had lots of fun jumping in them!

The children were very proud of how many leaves they had collected. Abigail thought it would be a good idea to take the leaves to nursery and paint with them.

Playday in Scotland “Playing Together”

Today is National Playday in Scotland.Click on the link below for more information on Scotland’s Play Charter and what it means for our children.


Scotland’s Play Charter

We chose the theme of “Playing Together”, for our Playday event ,so we invited our friends from all the other family centres in the council.  Glen Family Centre, Glenwood Family Centre, Isobel Mair Family Centre and Madras Family Centre were all able to join us which was lovely. We had a fabulous day . The pictures below speak for themselves.

Many thanks to our friends from the other centres for joining us. I hope we can do it again sometime.



If you go down to the woods today….

Some of the children and their teddy bears went off to Busby Glen this morning and afternoon with their teddy bears. It was a rainy day but they didn’t let that dampen their spirits.


Snack time under shelter of the trees

Lots of nice chat and interaction.

Time for Louise to have fun too.

Meanwhile, back at the centre, there was big fun after lunch as the weather cleared up a little. Who is inside this pipe? Answers in the comment box please.

Abigail liked the sound when she blew through this pipe.

Holly and Calum made a “fish tank”

Have  a wonderful weekend everyone xx

GOMA Visit

We walked to catch a train to go into Glasgow for our trip to GOMA and we met Michelle at the station. Rhonda bought the tickets from the machine. The train ride was great and Michelle sat with us on our journey.

As we walked to the Museum we heard a man singing a lovely song, Siri said his voice sounded like violins. There were lots of different smells and Florence said that it made her feel hungry.

When we arrived at the gallery we saw the man on the horse with a cone on his head – we laughed. Kaile said he had seen him before.

Inside the gallery we took a lift right up to the top. Hallie liked the painted windows, she said they looked like rainbows with all the different colours. Siri liked the painted curtains and Florence thought that the green lady in the mural looked a bit scary.

Hallie also liked the bin bag sculptures, she commented that they are funny because they should be in the bin and Siri said the wind blows the bags and it catches on the wires and twigs. Siri said “they should be in the trash.”

The children thought the black and white pictures were very old and that one of the ladies in a picture looked like Rhonda.

We had a lovely trip, we saw lots of great things, we heard beautiful music and we had a picnic lunch. Everyone arrived back at the family centre tired but very happy.



Farm Life

Today some children went on a trip to “The Museum of Rural Life”

Emily and Damon were so excited to tell about all the different things they had seen.

Emily said, “There was a tractor and I was on it, it was big; there were pigs and the wee ones are piglets”

Damon said, “There were chickens too”

Damon also found a treasure chest among the old toys; he told Archie it was a pirate’s treasure chest.

The children had an opportunity to visit the old farm house, meet some of the animals and played a game where they discovered where some farm creatures lived.

They all played for a time in the adventure play area and crossed the wooden bridge.