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Celebrating Scotland

With St Andrew’s Day looming, we have been looking at our Scottish heritage and what could be more Scottish than shortbread? The children loved mixing the butter, sugar and flour together before rolling it out and cutting it into perfect shortbread rounds. No matter what the weather, Cart Mill’s garden is always a busy, productive place to be!

It’s like snow.
The dough feels sticky.
Rolling out our dough.
It is a circle.
We need to cook our shortbread
Yum yum!

Halloween Baking

The children have been baking fairy cakes for Halloween following on from. our observations of them during play.   The children were engaged in pretend play making food and snacks and serving them at a table. The baking experience includes learning to count portions and making the  portions equal or the same. They are also learning to follow a recipe when cooking.

Salt Dough Cookies

The children have been role playing ‘cooking and baking’ in the home corner so we thought it would be good to make some food to play with.

Rhonda brought in a very unusual cookie tin for the home corner and the children decided it needed some cookies to put inside it.

The children got to work making salt dough cookies.  They followed the recipe, measured the ingredients, mixed it all up and then cut them into round shapes.

They put them in the oven to bake and when they cooled down the children made them look more like real cookies using paint.

Baking and routines of the day

Today in the house corner the children have been talking about different daily routines, Marika said “first I need to get all of this together what I need” “I put it all in a bowl and then mix it, it goes in the oven for 3 minutes. Jade said “when I get up in the morning I have breakfast first” Bradley said “after dinner time we go to bed”. The children have also been very busy baking this week- biscuit stars.

Our house corner dishes have a strange habit of disappearing or breaking meaning we don’t very often have a full set of dishes. If anyone has an old tea set or dinner set please feel free to donate to Cart Mill !

Family Baking Group


Today at family baking group we made chocolate chip cookies, Yum!!

Amanda, Leon’s mum was the baker for the day. She brought a picture recipe for all the children to follow…great.  First we used butter to grease the baking tray, and then we creamed the sugar and butter. Next we sieved the flour, added vanilla essence, an egg and some chocolate drops. The children mixed all the ingredients together then spooned the mixture onto the baking trays.

We put the cookies into the oven for 15minutes. Once cooked we sat down and had cookies and a drink…fabulous!



At family cooking, Amanda wearing a fab cheif’s hat decided that the children would make their very own pizza to eat for dinner. The children, mums, dad and gran washed their hands and put on their cooking aprons.

The children then rolled the dough into their preferred shape then added the toppings. Cheese, tomato and sweet corn seemed to be the most popular choices.

Amanda gathered all the creations and put them into a pre heated oven to cook. The children listened to a story about pizza and drew pictures of themselves and their family members.

Everyone helped set the tables and when the pizza was ready, we all sat down together to eat… it was delizioso!!