Chrome books

The children have been learning about different types of technology recently so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce Chromebooks. First of all we spoke about staying safe online and always have an adult with you when you are searching for information.

We then discussed what they know about chrome books and also what we would use them for.

“It’s like a tablet and a computer”

” we use them to watch videos and play games”

”that looks like my tablet at home”

We spoke about what we would like to use the Chrome books for and decided that we would like to find out some more information about our favourite animals..

Cats and parrots were the most popular 🐱 🦜 so we went online to see what we could find out.

We used the keyboard to search for information, recognising some of the letters in our names as we typed.

We found out lots of information about parrots
“there are lots of different colours of parrot and some even talk”
Then we looked for information about cats
“boy cats are called tom”

We found out lots of new information about our favourite animals which we saved. We can’t wait to show our friends what we found out and how to use the chrome books.

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