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Sharing stories in spring

Today in the Home room was all about stories. We enjoy exploring stories together in our story area.
We like sharing stories together in different ways. We can share stories as part of a group, listening to a story being read by an adult.

When we read stories together, we are learning about taking turns, when to talk and when to listen, learning new vocabulary and sharing our thoughts and feelings as part of a group.
Today we discussed all things Spring during our story. We read about big and little nut brown hare sharing their ideas about Spring. We discussed our ideas and found out it’s “when the sun gets a little warmer” and “I know it’s Spring because it’s my mummy’s birthday in Spring”.
We can also explore stories with our friends, forming our own ideas about what the story can be about from looking at the pictures. If we recognise the book we can use our recall skills to retell the story.

Sometimes we can use visual aids to help us read a story. Visual aids such as puppets are a great way for our visual learners to interact with the story. Today the Gruffalo was helping read the story all about his adventures in the deep dark wood.

Sometimes we don’t even need a book to tell a story. We can use our imagination with different visual aids to bring our own stories to life, such as puppet shows.

We can also use role play to act out as characters from familiar stories, our become our own characters.
Story telling has so many learning opportunities for our children, it’s great to tell these stories in a way that captures the interests of our individual children.

What way do you like to share stories together at home?

Inspiring creations with playdough

Today in the Home room we have enjoyed spending time at the playdough station.  We have learned lots of different skills while we manipulate the dough into wonderful creations. We used a variety of loose parts to inspire our creative thought and design processes.

First we made the playdough. The children asked for purple playdough. We decided to use our colour mixing skills to make purple by mixing red and blue paint together.

“First we need blue”

“Then red”

“Look what’s happened when we mixed them together. It’s purple”

After we had made our playdough, we began to let out our imaginations flow, creating our playdough masterpieces.

“I made a sun”

”Look it’s a unicorn”

“It’s a star wars alien space ship with lasers that are flying”

“It’s a face and the dark purple is the hair”

“I’m using the stones to make a happy face”.

We have been engaging fully with our learning today, building new skills are proud to show everyone what we created.

I wonder what we will make tomorrow with the playdough?

Designing our own School!

Today the boys and girls in the home room were talking about what their school building will look like. I asked the children how they could find out what their school will look like.

“We could use the computer”

“What about your Ipad, its right there?”

We used technology to search for pictures of the different schools the children will attend.

The children came across building plans as they searched for their schools, so they decided to draw and design their own plans and schools.

“My school will have 10 windows”

“My school is very tall and has a big garden.

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

What a beautiful day it is!

Today the children in the home room are taking a little break from the sun. They were interested in a book about Recycling and we had a chat about what recycling is and how it is good for the environment.


How do we recycle?

“putting the rubbish in the recycling bin”

“ we put plastic in our green bin at home”

We had look around  to see how we recycle at nursery.

We recycle our paper by having a paper bin, we put our leftover snack in the food bin and we reuse bottle lids, cartons, cardboard boxes etc in our studio room.

We even saw the bin lorry out the window collecting the recycling bins.

When I grow up…

Following on from our theme of “When I grow up” from book week, the children in the home room have been role playing different jobs and roles they want to do when they are older exploring real life situations through their imagination and role play experiences.

Developing mark making and early writing skills. R and E are ”doing my homework” E discussed that her brother does his home work when he comes in from school. ”I will do that when I go to school too”

R – ”I’m the teacher, I’m reading a story to the boys and girls”

L – ”I work on the computer and we need to answer the phone, it’s really busy!”

S – ”I’m in the doctors you need to wait for your appointment and then the doctor makes you better with medicine”

Pumpkin play

Today in home room we turned our pumpkin into a house for our little small world people..

We worked together to design our pumpkin house, discussing the different textures inside the pumpkin.

The children used their imagination to create their own role play stories. Even Santa and his dinosaur came to visit the pumpkin house and leave seeds to eat for his elves.

Santa left pumpkin seeds and the children made them into apples to eat.


Its been a busy day using all our creative thinking and design skill. What will you turn your pumpkin into at home? If you don’t have a pumpkin why not draw your idea.

Role play

The children in the home room have been very imaginative at creating different pretend play games within the room.

We used material to create one of a kind dresses …

The children started school and brought paper and pens ….

We enjoyed baking some cakes, and made sure we were safe by using oven gloves when taking them out the oven as they were very hot.