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The Three Little Pigs

This week Kaile asked for puppets in the drama area to do “the piggies and a big bad wolf”.

The children listened to the story throughout the first day to familiarise themselves with it. We spoke about the characters being in a book and the children recalled the characters in the Three Little Pigs and drew images of them.

Today the children gathered the props to act out the story. This enabled the children to explore how they can use their voices and express themselves through drama.

Pippa told us that they used bricks “cos he can blow both the others down but can’t do the bricks”

The children transferred their learning into the block area and built houses for the pigs.


A Puppet Show – Jack and The Beanstalk

This amazing Puppet Show experience took place last week, however we have been so busy I am only now managing to add it to the blog. The children decided that they wanted to do Jack and the Beanstalk. As you can see, they were extremely animated when it came to playing their parts.


All of the props and character puppets were made by the children, so it was a real child led experience developing confidence and self expression.

Outdoor Bookbug

Our new tent was put to good use today. The children decided it would be a great space to share a bookbug session.

The children chose their favorite story from a choice of three.

“Shark in the Park on a windy day” was the preferred choice.

The children engaged in singing songs, action rhymes and then settled down in the warm tent for the story.

Our first fun bookbug session in the tent…fantastic!














Planning for learning through play.

The children planned with their keyworkers all the lovely experiences that they wished to participate in over the next few weeks. They talked about using puppets, singing frozen, dance and drama on the stage. They shared that dress up and music for dancing would be fun.

The children practiced some rhyme too.



Some children shared with Siobhan that they would like to make pictures with sparkles.  The children said it looks like the frost.

Others talked about patterns, pictures with families and celebrations.



During the literacy learning plan the children talked again about family, puppets, rhyme, stories and writing their own name. Krishnav decided to draw a picture of the children acting out his story about the three little piglets.








The Most Fantastic Puppet Show

Today was the day that “The Lion’s Present” came to life.  Orla and Mhairi have been planning this event for the past week and they devised the story, the characters, the puppets and how the show would be presented to the audience.  They worked with our student teacher Susie who played the role of assistant.dsc05530The characters:

Chunky Bunky the Hippo

Simba Roar the Lion

Amy the Leopard

dsc05520They designed the set and had long discussions about the animals and what they would say and do to tell the story.dsc05522dsc05526The audience loved the show and there was some audience participation with specially made musical instruments.

dsc08459 In the afternoon the puppet show was handed over to new puppeteers.

dsc08449 dsc08446Brilliant work girls and boys!