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Fun in the snow

This morning in the garden the children had great fun playing in the snow. We decided to make a snowman. Working together, we rolled the snow into two balls. One for the head and one for the body. When they were big enough, we popped the head onto the body and talked about how we could decorate him. We found twigs for arms, stones for eyes and a bottle top for a nose ( we couldn’t find a carrot) We finished his look with a hat and scarf.

We enjoyed throwing snowballs at Lauren and Jo!

“I got you Lauren”

We practiced our throwing at a target aiming for the bulls eye.

We are so lucky to have a hill right beside Cart Mill so off we went for some sledging. It was great fun whizzing down the hill on our ’sledge’. The children demonstrated great patience waiting for their turn.

No fun in the snow would be complete without our very own snow angels.

We have had the best day playing in the snow.

Hibernation & The Black Bear

The children in the home room have been showing curiosity around dark and colder nights, like what happens to the animals? We got our creative heads on and developed a small world hibernation cave and have been learning about the animals that hibernate in the winter, and how we can accommodate them.

The children have been busy creating animals and their homes all week using natural resources to help keep them warm during hibernation.  Today the children have been enjoying making the black bear. They have been learning what happens when the weather grows cold and food supply dries up, and how the black bear hibernates for the winter.

We have also been extending our learning further today, looking at different stories about hibernation, including ‘The Great Big Sleep’ . The children enjoyed listening to the story, learning how the bear was getting ready for his winter sleep and how the squirrel just wasn’t sleepy.

Cosy Winter Clothes

As we are now entering a colder period of weather and that we need to keep windows open for ventilation, the children do need warm clothing.  Please can children come with a cosy jumper or a fleece to keep them warm indoors as well as when they go outside with their jacket on.  Please also pop gloves and a cosy hat in your child’s bag so that they can have this when they need it.

Snow Detectives!

It was lovely to wake up this morning to a beautiful snowy day. The sky was blue and the ground was covered in white snow sparkling in the sun.

Fun facts about snow!

Have you noticed that its very quiet when it snows? This is because when the snow covers the ground it sucks in all of the noise around it which makes it really quiet!

Did you know that snow isn’t really white? It actually has no colour. It looks like it’s white from reflections from the sun which can make it look really bright and sparkly. Snow is made way up high in the clouds where it is really cold. Water turns into ice because it is so cold and it falls as snow. Snow flakes are made up of tiny little crystals that form in the air and all join together. Each snow flake can have around 200 crystals in it and each one is different. How cool is that!

I decided to go out for a walk and investigate snow a bit more. Even though the sun was shining it was very cold so I put on my coat, gloves, hat and my cozy socks and snowboots! I was ready to be a snow detective!

Snow had fallen on lots of the bushes and trees on my walk, don’t they look beautiful! I could hear lots of birds in the trees and the snow crunched when I walked, my feet made a funny squeaking noise too!

I spotted lots of different footprints on the ground and decided to measure my foot against one. Do you like my stripey socks, they kept my feet nice and cozy! Which one do you think is bigger?

Can you see all the different patterns on the footprints? Which one do you think are longer or shorter?

I also saw some other footprints and tracks in the snow, can you guess what might have made them?


I decided to have some fun in my garden. I wrote my name in the snow, my fingers were so cold!

I decided to ask my family to make a footprint in the snow. Which one do you think is mine? I’ll give you a clue, I’m the shortest in my house and I have the smallest feet!

Finally I decided to make some snowballs and throw them against wall to see what patterns they made. The bigger the snowball, the bigger the pattern I made!

Now it was time for me to go inside, I think I might need some hot chocolate to warm me up! Thanks for beings such amazing snow detectives with me!

Hope you have lots of fun in the snow and please share some of your photos with us. Take care boys and girls.