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Where is Mr Golden Sun?

The boys and girls have been discussing the change in the weather. We all had so much fun playing in the sun but now the grey clouds are out and we think a thunder storm is coming for a visit!

The children decided to have a look at our weather board and pick out their favourite weather and what the weather was doing today.


“ the grey clouds mean rain “

”  I eat ice cream when it is sunny “

“ I love snow the best “

After discussing the different weather, the children decided to create their own weather pictures of their favourite weather!

Sewing Group

Over the last couple of weeks. A small group of childfren have been taking part in a sewing group with Sarah-Jane!

The children started off by designing what they would like to make at the sewing group…

”I’m going to make a tablet, like my sisters iPad”
I’m making a minion, his name is Bob, its the same as my jumper”


”I’m doing a rainbow and my mummy”
”I want to do a rainbow too, with all of the colours on it”

Once the children had made their plans, the next week they were able to have a practice with the needle and threading. This helps the children to develop their fine motor skills and developing concentration.

The children are keen to contrinue developing and learning new skills. We are so excited to see our projects coming together after some more practice in the next couple of weeks!