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Playdough Creations

Today the children explored with the playdough exercising their fine motor skills and developing their hand and eye co-ordination making  their own creations.  They had very good concentration skills.

The children had a variety of resources to choose from to create and develop their skills.

Our favourite today  was using the spaghetti and threading the different coloured beads

The children then began to compare their creations using mathematical language , tall, small, big, long and short to describe each others’.

“I have lots of small ones”

Let’s count with Bookbug!

Today Bookbug came to visit! Bookbug knew we have been taking part in Maths Week Scotland here at Cart Mill and wanted to introduce us to number songs and rhymes.
BookBug brought his box filled with wonderful visual aids, puppets and books to help us have fun with our numeracy and maths skills through our songs and rhymes.

We started off by singing our welcome song to warm up all our voices.
We sang our number songs next such as 1,2,3,4,5 and 5 little peas. These songs teach us to count forwards in sequence.
We then sang songs such as 5 little ducks and 5 fat sausages to help us practice counting backwards in sequence. Ours songs also introduced us to early mathematical concepts such as adding and subtracting.

Then the stretchy Lycra came out and the puppets were bouncing and jumping up and down! We were using our listening skills, hand-eye co-ordination as well as numeracy and rhyming skills.

We all enjoyed singing number songs with Bookbug.

Numbers are all around us. Songs and rhymes are a fantastic way for us to learn and develop our numeracy and mathematical skills. What number songs can you sing at home?