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Interacting with music

We have been continuing our musical learning in our Studio Room. We have been playing new games on our interactive board that teach us music.
We have  our very own interactive piano. The piano keys are displayed on the board and we use our musical skills to play the notes to make our sounds. We have been learning that the colours represent the notes. When you play a long note it has a long block of colour and a short note produces a small colour. When we play the piano scale, it will make a rainbow of colour notes. We have very much enjoyed this.

The next game we have is blob opera. It’s a very funny game that teaches us about singing in different pitches, the longer the blob goes the higher the note he sings. We can even take the blobs on tour over the world stages. We can record the blobs singing and listen back to what operatic song we made.

Finally,  we have the paint with music game. This game teaches us to paint with sound. We can choose from a range of instruments and make our marks across the screen.  This combines sound with mark making  encouraging children to make music following our marks. We can select from different canvases to create our paint with music.

We have very much enjoyed exploring music in this way, bringing music to life for our learners.

Sleeping Bunnies

We have been celebrating Book Week Scotland and Nursery Rhyme week here in our Studio Room.
Today’s  rhyme is Sleeping Bunnies. It’s a favourite of ours and most of us are familiar with the song and actions. For some it was a brand new song to hear. We used the smart board to listen to Bookbug singing us Sleeping Bunnies.

Now that we all knew what to do we had a turn of joining in.
First we pretended we were the sleeping bunnies

Then we sang our merry  song and then….. wake up bunnies

It was time to hop like little bunnies

It was lots of fun. We used lots of skills throughout this experience, we extend our vocabulary by learning new songs, our gross motor skills to hop and our expressive arts to sing and our imagination to become bunnies.

We also used our nursery rhyme books to look for other familiar rhymes. We have been learning that we can find out information from a book.

We had to look at the picture to give us a clue to what the rhyme may be.

we guessed almost all of the rhymes.
I wonder what tomorrow’s rhyme will be?

Musical mornings!

Today was a musical morning at Cart Mill. We have been learning all about percussion. We have learned that a percussion instrument is an instrument that makes a sound when it is hit, shaken or scraped. We have been using our information sheet to help us learn which instruments are part of the percussion section.
We had a look in our instruments baskets and picked the percussion instrument we wanted to play.

The xylophone was the most popular choice and we all took turns playing it.

We discussed how each instrument should be played. Do we hit, shake or scrape them?

Next we experimented with the sounds each instrument made. Was it a loud sound? Was it a nice sound?

We discussed pitch, rhythm and tempo. We played our percussion instruments fast, slow, and softly.

We followed the instructions of the conductor just like in an orchestra so that we knew when to play.

We sang songs and made our very own Cart Mill percussion band.
What other instruments can you think of that are percussion instruments?

Let’s count with Bookbug!

Today Bookbug came to visit! Bookbug knew we have been taking part in Maths Week Scotland here at Cart Mill and wanted to introduce us to number songs and rhymes.
BookBug brought his box filled with wonderful visual aids, puppets and books to help us have fun with our numeracy and maths skills through our songs and rhymes.

We started off by singing our welcome song to warm up all our voices.
We sang our number songs next such as 1,2,3,4,5 and 5 little peas. These songs teach us to count forwards in sequence.
We then sang songs such as 5 little ducks and 5 fat sausages to help us practice counting backwards in sequence. Ours songs also introduced us to early mathematical concepts such as adding and subtracting.

Then the stretchy Lycra came out and the puppets were bouncing and jumping up and down! We were using our listening skills, hand-eye co-ordination as well as numeracy and rhyming skills.

We all enjoyed singing number songs with Bookbug.

Numbers are all around us. Songs and rhymes are a fantastic way for us to learn and develop our numeracy and mathematical skills. What number songs can you sing at home?

Tuneful Tuesdays

Today in the Studio it is all about music. We have been exploring the sounds that can be made from each instrument.

We sat together and each chose which instrument we wanted to play. We choose from percussion instruments such as the Maracas and woodwind  instruments such as wooden chimes.
We sang songs and played our instruments alongside.

We then explored the sounds that the bells made. We discovered each bell played a different pitch of sound. We experimented playing low sounds and higher pitch sounds and grouping the bells by these sounds.

We further discussed sounds by talking about playing quietly with soft sounds, and loud with harder sounds. We chose twinkle twinkle to sing along with as our soft sounds song and incy wincy spider as our loud song.

We took our learning outdoors to investigate our music wall. On this we have a selection of everyday objects we can use to make sounds. We had pipes, pans, pots, trays  and used bamboo sticks to play the sounds. Each object had its own unique sound.

We all joined together on the outdoor stage to use the instrument we all have, Our voice.  We sang action songs and rhymes together. I wonder where our musical journey will take us to next, stay tuned to find out.

Natures Paint Brush.

Welcome back to the Studio and hello to all our new children. We have spent the last week exploring all the Studio room has to offer. The children have been taking part in a wide variety of expressive art activities and  exploring their creative sides.
Today  we have been discussing other ways we could create non conventional art. We have previously discussed the work of Henri Matisse who used scissors to create his art work. Today we used nature paint brushes to create ours.

We spoke about the different natural objects we collected and had fun exploring what prints, patterns and designs we could create by using them.

We printed, stamped and spread the paint using the different natural objects to ignite our creative spark.

We discussed what colours to use and decided to use natural colours that we would find outside in natures colour wheel. Browns, yellows, greens etc. We talked about what these colours represent in the world.

It was lovely to see the end result of the process and the wonderful creating thinking our children shared. Our children were very engaged in this learning experience, sharing their expressive thoughts while developing  their creative design skills and linking real word objects to arts.

Can you find things in the local area to create art as well?

Our future Artists.

Today in the Studio Room we were using our creative skills to make our massive art piece.
First we selected the colours we wanted to use.

Then we picked our paper and used the floor as our canvas.

We picked the tools we wanted to experiment with and got our paint ready to use.

All the children had so much fun having the large space to express their creative arts, we used our mark making skills to make unique and wonderful marks. We used both our fine and gross motor skills to complete our masterpiece.

The children decided to use their hands and feet to gain a whole sensory experience.
We have very happy children in our Studio Room, engaging fully in their learning.
Maybe we have some future artists here in our Studio.


What a buzzy week we have had at nursery.

The children have been showing an interest in bees. We decided to investigate what we already knew. We made a board with all our thoughts. We used books and the internet to find out new information and bee facts. Did you know bees flap there wings 190 times a second?  And that bees communicate by dancing and smelling.

We used the small world toys to play with our own bee, and create our very own story about Sunny the bee.

Next we got the shapes to make our own bee hive and we discussed the shapes made by the bees in the honeycombs inside the hive.

And today we made our own bees out of playdough and loose parts.

What a beeutifl day it was today, and we kept ourselves buzzy in our play.
Can’t wait to learn more fun facts next week.
Stay tuned for Sunny bees next adventure.

Bubble, bubble, bubble, POP

What a beautiful sunny week it’s been here in our Cart Mill garden. The children have been so busy all week. We have been taking part in a wide range of learning experiences, such as arts and crafts, throwing and catching games, science experiments and singing and performing shows on our very on stage. But we saved the best for  last.  BUBBLE PAINTING.

The children mixed paint with the bubble mixture and dipped in the bubble wand. Then it was time to blow the mixture and create unique, one of a kind masterpieces.

It was so much fun seeing the different patterns we made by blowing the paint through the various shapes wands.

We talked about the marks they made when the water droplets landed on the paper and what happened when we the colours began to mix on the paper, resulting in a tie-dye effect.

It was so much fun making our arts and craft science experiments in our sunny garden. I wonder what we can create next.

Have a lovely weekend everyone can’t wait to hear all about it when you come back next week.

Water we going to play today?

Today in the studio room. We were exploring our skills while playing a game in the water tray.

First we added some colour to the water to make our game more tricky.
Then we added different shape and sized lids to the water . The aim of the game was to collect the lids that were hidden in the coloured water.  Who would collect the most and fill up their tub and be the winner?  But we were not allowed to use our hands we had to use the tweezers.

But here in our Studio room our children are so clever, that this was too easy for them. So we made it a bit more challenging . Next we added small buttons.

This was a little bit harder, we couldn’t see the buttons in the water but we managed it.  So we made it even more trickier. This time we added beads.

This time it was a bit more difficult to catch the beads in the water. But our children enjoy a challenge , and using their fine manipulative skills were able to  race each other to collect them all to complete the game.  Lots of fun and enjoyment was had by all.

Maybe next week we will think of another game we could play in our water tray. And see who will be victorious in the next challenge.