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There’s SNOW way we’re not having FUN!

Sledging was one of the outdoor experiences taking place today. The children went over to the park to the slope where they had great fun and excitement climbing up and sliding down numerous times.

For children snow means fun and excitement, getting cold outside then coming inside  and getting cosy again. It is also an excellent way to learn about and observe the winter season and the changes in weather. For adults it is not always quite so much fun, as we have to face challenging journeys by car or public transport to work and to take children to nursery and school.

Please see below a useful link to East Renfrewshire’s Council Twitter account which regularly provides the public with weather and travel updates.


and here is the link to our own family centre Twitter feed




Today the children and staff had great fun with the snow. First the children made lots of footprints, then they rolled some balls of snow to make two lovely little snow monsters. Thechildren chatted about the temperature and when the snow would melt.

Then they decided to throw some snowballs at their mums and dads. Fun!!

Lastly the children made some obstacle courses that allowed the children to slip and slide…Fantastic!

Snow Play

Today the snow arrived yipee!!

The children were keen to go outdoors and explore the freezing white flakes of snow. There were different sized footprints and prints with different patterns. The snow began to melt when the footprints were made.

Some children made snowballs and then had the idea to make a snowman. They worked together to make a very handsome Cart Mill snowman.  Others made snow soup in the snow kitchen.

Mhairi decided to write her name in the snow…great fun!

Storm Doris brought Snow!





The children were very excited when Storm Doris brought some snow for them to play with today. What better way to learn about weather and the changing of the seasons than to be outdoors and see, hear and feel it.

I thought the following article spoke well about the value of play and so have included a link to it  in this post. Please have  a look and share your thoughts via the comments box.

“Play isn’t the opposite of work—it’s vital for social transformation.”










Snow Time

There was huge excitement in our centre today as the children arrived and planned to go out to play in the snow.

dsci0330 dsci0327Snowballs and snow angels.

dsci0329 dsci0328

Jillian and Zoe then took the children to the hill behind us for some sledging with trays and cardboard boxes – great fun!

dsci0359 dsci0349 dsci0340 dsci0336 dsci0338 dsci0335 dsci0334 dsci0333 dsci0343

Even Zoe got a shot!


The children found a large block of ice in the field and decided to investigate.

dsci0363 dsci0365 dsci0366