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Welcome To Our Team

We have welcomed 2 new team members to Cart Mill this week – Linzi and Angela.

Linzi has come from working with the NHS in a  Health Visiting team and brings the experience of working with families in the community to our family centre.  Linzi is the new key worker for Fatima’s group.  Welcome Linzi!

Angela has come from Hazeldene Family Centre and she brings the experience of working with children and families in a busy family centre to our team.  Angela is our Senior Child Development Officer. Welcome Angela!

Donations for Family Fun Day

Donations for Family Fun Day
Saturday 22nd June 11am – 2pm

The fun day is fast approaching and we are looking for donations of tombola items and raffle prizes – anything goes!  We would also like any empty screw top wine bottles you have. We are planning a new stall for adults this year!

Please volunteer to help us on the day too – we need you!

This week in the forest!

Our first day back with the children was Wednesday and it was straight out to the forest for our Wednesday morning group. The children love to put on the forest make up and look at themselves in the mirror.

The children learned about how to build a safe fire.  The fire surround keeps everyone at a safe distance from the fire.  We used a Kelly Kettle to heat the water for the hot chocolate and learned about how this works.

The children used what they had learned and went off and made their own fire surrounds.

The Thursday group also learned about the Kelly Kettle and safe fires and helped create the fire surround.  They then enjoyed a well earned hot chocolate.

The Friday group love to explore.  They risk assessed whether it was safe to cross the river over a bridge made of stones. They decided it was safe after measuring the depth of the water as it would not be near the top of their wellies. And so we crossed over into a new part of the forest which was very exciting.

The teamwork that forest school involves is often overcoming challenges or problems and working together to find a solution.

We also found some shrimps in the water and had fun with the forest make up.

If you get the chance to watch ITV’s Planet Child please do. It is a very interesting programme about the freedoms children had in the past and what they have now.  Forest School allows children freedom to explore and take risks which is so important for their development of confidence and independence.