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Button’s Big Adventure

Lizzie Finnigan, a local author and a parent here at Cart Mill Family Centre visited us today to share her new book ‘Button’s Big Adventure’..

The interactive story telling session was enjoyed by all staff, children and other visiting parents.

Lizzie talked to the children about the front cover and the pictures inside the book. The children very quickly were able to share what they thought the story would be about. Ash said the story was about a little button that went on a big adventure.

The story is filled with word patterns and the children really enjoyed joining in and repeating the pattern.

“I went twirling and whirling up and down and round before I was found…”

The children recalled some of the story and Lewis remembered the kite and the girl with the daffodil coat. The children enjoyed the discussion about their favourite parts in the book; most children chose the mermaid. To finish off Lizzie demonstrated a dance to go with the repeated pattern of words in the story.  The children copied the dance while listening to the story.

The children then chose a yellow button to add to the picture of their favourite part that they got to decorate.



We love Bookbug!

Zoe, our Bookbug leader, was so excited to see the real Bookbug here in our centre this morning and so were the children.

Bookbug popped in to our family session to see the babies and toddlers and of course the grown ups.

Then it was time for an outdoor Bookbug extravaganza!

The children went on a Bookbug Hunt and found the hidden images.

Then Bookbug went on a visit to the toddler room whilst the older children received their certificates. It was an amazing day!

Thank you Bookbug!


Play Scotland

I have organised an event to celebrate National Play Day which is traditionally held on the first Wednesday of August each year . This year it is on Wednesday 2nd August. It is the annual celebration of the Child’s Right to Play and a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of Play. On Playday and throughout the summer, thousands of children and young people in communities will get out and play at hundreds of locally organised Playday events across the UK.

The event is open to all familes, please come and join us if you can.

click here for more information



World of music

This week the children have been exploring the music and dance from all around the world. They are beginning to understand that music is important to people and that different countries enjoy different sounds.

They used the drama resources to dress up in green when dancing was on the big screen and practiced some dance moves. Mhairi and Orla talked about the different clothes the dancers wore, and the different musical sounds. Orla mentioned that she could hear fiddles in the Irish music, and Mhairi shared that Scottish music has the sound of bagpipes.

Kaile, Lily and Amber practiced their Spanish flamenco dancing. They liked to stamp their feet and clap their hands really fast.

We also listened to Spanish music and the children made pictures of Spanish guitars. It was fun when the paintbrush tickled the children’s feet.




Outdoor fun

Today the children were excited to take part in an Easter Egg hunt in the family centre garden. Everyone found an egg to take home and show their parent; yippee!!

Next the children played hide and seek. Kaile found Abby behind the man at work sign…great hiding place. Later the children decided to, play hop scotch, build a large obstacle and then the decided to make their own slide.

Good luck Shona X

Today was a day of celebrations and sadness.

Shona our wonderful Senior Clerical Officer has left us to go on to a new post at Eastwood High School as Office Manager.

Today the children sang some songs and gave her a beautiful card. We will miss her greatly.

We also birthday girl today, “Amelia” celebrated her 5th birthday. The children shared the lovely birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday”

Later the children made some chocolate treats with marshmallows and sprinkles. Yummy!!

Tea tasting

Last week the children had the opportunity to taste some lovely tea. They tried, mango and strawberry, jasmine, salted caramel and peppermint.

Hallie said “I like the strawberry one.”


The children voted for their favourite by placing a fingerprint next to the one they liked best.




Kaile chose the Strawberry and Mango

“I like it, it tastes nice.”




Florence commented that the yellow teas are not very nice, but the strawberry one is the nicest.



To continue with the Chinese celebrations, Mhairi and Cameron then decided to make Roosters at the malleable table.


Visitors from China

Today we were very excited about 3 special visitors from China who were coming to see our centre and find out about how we learn through play.  Fan Lin, Lily’s mum, accompanied the visitors who are from the Fujian province which is south east of China.  Olivia is a nursery teacher and she works in New Yanggo Preschool Education.  The other two visitors are Mr Wang and Lily Sun and both of them are from Fujian Sky Cultural Exchange Institute.


Lily was wearing traditional Chinese clothes today and she looked amazing.


Fan talked to the children about the Chinese New Year and the custom of giving money envelopes.  Everyone got their own envelope and they were decorated exquisitely for the year of the rooster.

dsci0768 dsci0760 dsci0764 dsci0019 dsci0021

We learned the sign for Happy New Year!


Our visitors very kindly gave us a gift – a beautiful scroll.  We have hung this in our welcome area for everyone to see.  We hope to keep in contact with Olivia and her nursery so that we can learn more about China and the children who attend New Yanggo Preschool.


Thank you Fan for this wonderful experience for both our staff and children.  We very much hope to keep in contact with Olivia and we thank all of the visitors for their interest in our centre and our children.


The children have been sharing their shopping experiences. They discussed spending money to buy things like clothes and sweeties.

The children were invited to choose the type of shop they would like to have in the family centre…a toy shop, a food shop or a sweet shop?

The clear winner, I wonder why… most of the children voted for the sweet shop.

Rowan decided to make some signs for the goods that will be sold in the shop with prices, she said “you have to pay for things with money.”

She also felt it would be a good idea to have a special opening ceremony, with a red ribbon. Shona the guest of honour cut the ribbon and the shop was open for business.









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