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We can make patterns!

As our numeracy focus this term is patterns,  children used transient art with pom poms to copy and complete a simple pattern.

To provide challenge for the children, we introduced tweezers for them to pick up the pom poms.  This helps to develop their pincer grip and fine motor control.

”this pattern is green and pink”
”this one is quite tricky but i can do it”

”I can make this pattern, pink, yellow”

Transient Art

The children using the Art and Design area have been looking at combining  different materials to create a piece of art. We selected a variety of loose parts and the children chose which ones they wanted to use and created their own artwork in the frames.

We discussed how we can re-use the materials to make other things too!

”I can make a doggy, they have four legs”

”I’m making my daddy”

”I’m making a stick man, he has two legs and two eyes”

Forest School Week 8

It all started this week when we found an acorn.  We talked about the acorn and where it had come from and we used our tree identification guide to help us.  We found out it was an Oak tree and there was one nearby.

The children then made beautiful woodland transient art.

We took some tools with us to the forest on Wednesday and we made wooden objects.  We then thought about if they could float or if they would sink.

We decorated them too.

“It’s a photo frame!”

We tested the objects out on the river.

The Thursday group was cancelled due to the weather but we will be back next week hopefully if the weather improves.