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Let’s learn about Henri Matisse

In the Studio Room, we have been learning about the works of the artist Henri Matisse.  He was an french artist known for making colourful works of art. He would “paint with scissors”  to cut out shapes and arrange them to create his art.  One of his famous works is called “The Snail”.
In our Studio Room we love to cut. We set up our art provocation area to teach us how we can use our interest in cutting to create our own masterpiece.

We experimented with scissors, tissue shapes and coloured craft paper to recreate our interpretation of Henri Matisse’s the snail.

We used our colour and shape recognition, when creating our art work.

We used our scissor skills to cut the shapes we wanted to create our work.

We used the glue to stick on our shapes. We used our creative thinking to arranged the shapes to form our picture.

We even used our early writing skills to copy the sign “the snail.”

We are all very impressed with our creations. Maybe one of us will grown up to be the next Henri Matisse.