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All about Caroline 😍

A big hello to all our Cart Mill families! I have loved reading everyone’s blogs about themselves and today is my turn. I’m Caroline and you will find me mainly in the toddler room. I grew up in Clarkston with my Mum, Dad and younger brother Alan, just a few minutes drive from Cart Mill. I went to Carolside Primary and then Williamwood High School just like some of our Cartmill boys and girls will be doing. As you can see the uniforms have not changed very much although it was a long time ago!!

After leaving school I went to Strathclyde University and graduated with a BA honours degree in Politics and Sociology. I loved being at Uni although I am glad not to be working in politics at the moment!

When I finished Uni I went to America with my friend for 6 months to work, this was organised through BUNAC who arranged our accommodation and employment. We had the best summer in North Carolina, we lived in a big house on the beach with eight other students and worked in a gift shop. We met lots of people and it was a popular holiday destination for Americans. When we finished working we travelled for a few weeks. Washington was my favourite place.

I met my husband nearly 20 years ago and we have four children. Adam who is 17, Nicolas who is 13, Olivia who is 11 (although she turns 12 tomorrow!) and wee Emilia who was 4 on Boxing Day. We were married in Williamwood Church. Our time has been spent running children to clubs for years although it’s getting quieter as the boys get older.  We also have our beloved dog called Tara, she is 5 now and we all love her so much. She gets sick in the car so she has her own little seat which helps, you can see it in the photo! My children now also go to Carolside Primary and Williamwood. Emilia is starting P1 in August so she might be in the same class as some of you! We will look out for you!

I have been working with young children for over 10 years now. I got my HNC in Childhood Practice and absolutely love working in early years. I was also a Beaver Scout leader with the 121 Clarkston Scout Group for over 20  years having started as a young leader for a Guide badge! I really enjoyed this and loved going on Cub Camps! I’m sure many of you will join this group and have lots of fun!

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed going on family walks which has been really lovely. We enjoyed the local golf course and going to the river at Waterfoot.

We are very lucky to have a big back garden for sitting and playing in and we have lovely fields behind us. We enjoy climbing over the stile and walking through the fields to the farm or to Greenbank Gardens or having picnics in the field!

We love going on holiday and have been going to Puerto Pollensa in Majorca for the last 13 years. We go in July and October and absolutely love it. I used to go with my family when I was younger and will never get bored of it. It is a special place. My Mum and Dad normally come with us which we love. We have lots of fun in the pool, on the beach and eating out. In October my brother and his family also come which the kids love.

We also like to go to Arran on holiday or for day trips. My children would all probably say this is their favourite place! We love the trip on the ferry!

Before I go I will let you in to a little secret of mine! I have a love for Olly Murs! I have been to see him a few times in concert when he has come to Glasgow! I have managed to get Olivia to like him too and we recently went to see him with her friends and their mums! I think I was singing the loudest though 🙈 I went to see Little Mix with Olivia so that she would come to Olly with me.

I have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and I hope you enjoy finding out more about me! I am missing the buzz of nursery life and all your little faces and stories so much. I can’t wait to see you all again and hope you continue to have fun at home.

I’ll leave you with a little video my girls made for you, it makes me smile and hope it makes you smile too xxx😍😍






Pancake Tuesday!

Today the toddlers were celebrating Pancake Tuesday! They were all very involved in helping to make our egg free pancakes! After hand washing the children helped to weigh and mix the ingredients in a bowl. They all had a turn at stirring the mixture. We then all went to the family room to see the mixture turn into pancakes. The children beautifully sang ‘Pop a Little Pancake’ whilst waiting. The pancakes smelled yummy!! Once back in the playroom the children crushed strawberries to make jam and spread it on their own pancake. We had banana on top too! What a tasty snack! The toddlers gave a big thumbs up to eating fresh pancakes!

Australia Day!

This week the toddlers have been finding out all about Australia. They discussed the animals that live there, what these animals eat and how they move around. The children particularly enjoyed being kangaroos! We got creative by designing our own aboriginal dot paintings. The children used small round sponges and many different colours of paint. The pictures were very effective and created an opportunity to talk about patterns with the children.

The children also enjoyed getting out into the garden and collecting the hail that had fallen. They gathered it into a tray, mixed it with blue paint creating an outdoor home for our penguins! The children enjoyed seeing their footprints in the snow and working out whose was the biggest! We had great fun catching the hail stones as they fell!

Chinese New Year Dragons

Today the toddlers were talking about Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed looking at pictures of the decorated dragons in China. We chatted about the different colours and shapes we could see. The children wanted to make dragons. They had fun getting creative making their own unique dragons! They glued strips of tissue paper and feathers onto halved paper plates. We stuck straws on the back for the children to move their dragons around the room like they do in China. Great dragons toddlers!