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Cars and ramps

Today the children have  been super busy making ramps for their cars using the blocks. They decided to make their own ramps. The toddlers self selected their own paint colours and then dipped their cars into the paint and set them off down the ramp. The children noticed that some of the cars went further than others, some went down fast, some slow and that the tyres all made different marks.  They added some textured balls to see what different marks they left. “ That’s left a bumpy mark”  They learned some new concepts including stop, go, up, down, fast, slow developing their language skills and learning about cause and effect.

When asked what they would like to do next with the cars L said “ make a garage “ So they set about creating one. H said “we should use these boxes”. L said “ I’m painting it green, it needs to have a tunnel and space for the fire engine”. The children demonstrated great team work when planning together to create their garage. They were proud of their finished result and had great fun playing together.

Tuesday Toddler creativity exploring and learning 🙂

Today the children were painting using their bodies they self selected their own paint colours and some chose to use a selection of different resources to paint with including a T- Rex .  The children were using lots of descriptive language.

“ R I’m putting pink paint in” J” That feels nice cold and squelchy”

A decided he would like to practice his measuring skills using the sensory water beads.  “ 1,2,3,4,5 the jug is full” “These feel squashy and slimy”

J and A wanted to practice their fine motor skills by threading  the pasta.    “ I’m using blue that’s my favourite colour “

“ I’m making mine into a bangle”

Making and creating music!

This week in the studio room the children have been super creative. They have shown an interest in our music area with all the different musical instruments there are. Some of the children asked if we would be able to create our very own! So that is exactly what we did, we decided on rainbow shakers. The children choose a variety of loose parts to put inside the bottles and then used their fine motor skills to get the string through the hole.

Fantastic work!

The children the next day were asking lots of questions on how to play the musical instruments. So we had a wee discussion and used the smart board to show examples of musical note sheets. They decided they’d like the make their own so we did!