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All in the name of science

Today we decided that we were going to complete an experiment in the snow. This was conducted at the grass area behind Cart Mill where we wanted to find out who could go further in the snow! It was a very serious experiment which involved a group of children, and also a couple of CDOs, taking turns to slide down the snowy slope and see how far they got. We also decided to investigate if we travelled further on our puddle suits or on some black bin bags. The results of the experiment clearly showed the bin bags made us all go faster and the bigger ‘children’ went further!

And the winner is…

Forest School – Week 3

This week we noticed how much more we could see in the Busby Glen Wood due to the trees losing lots of leaves.  We could see the river and the train going over the bridge.

The children were a bit quicker walking to and from the forest, so we think they are getting used to the walk.

We have been focussing on building friendships, becoming aware of risk and how to manage this and of course enjoyment.

The children are very engaged and motivated by swings!  They love making the swing  with rope and a sturdy branch for a seat and then off they go.

This week they made a foot swing and a ladder.

We created tree art with some clay and the natural treasures of the forest.

We tried out the slack line.

Our Forest School experiences are allowing our children to learn about the natural world and I love this quote from John Muir which sums it up perfectly:


Outdoor Hallowe’en Fun

The children continued with their potion making outside in the garden. They made jelly with some hidden delights! The children also used pumpkins as shape sorters, everyone commented on how the pumpkin felt gooey inside. They enjoyed mixing the different pumpkins to make new shapes and they even added a few spiders to make an extra spooky display!

This jelly is all sticky!
I found a spider!
I can build my own pumpkin.
Look at all the seeds.
This looks like a water melon!
I am making a new pumpkin.

Outdoor fun

Today the children decided to explore weight. They gathered resources and used them to create scales on which they could balance and compare their body weight. The children used lots of mathematical language to describe their findings. Matthew found that he was heavier than a ball and that if he stood in the middle the wood stayed balanced.

Other children decided to add some shampoo to the large outdoor sink. Splashing and watching the water and bubbles flow was great fun. Dominic commented; “this is so much fun”

I wonder?

The children have been carrying out some experiments. Yesterday they tried mixing mento’s with coke to make a volcano…it didn’t work!

Next they decided to light the fire pit and toast some marshmallows. Sticky but yummy!

Then the decided to create their own Volcano. Bhavin and the other children are going to try bicarbonate of soda and vinegar tomorrow. I wonder what will happen.