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Easter Egg Hunt

Look at all the eggs!
I found one.
The Easter Bunny has been so busy.
I’ve found a golden egg.
I hope the doggies don’t eat our eggs.
We found them!

What a surprise we had this morning when we looked over the garden fence, the Easter Bunny had left some yummy chocolate treats hiding in the grass. We were all very excited to go out in the sunshine and hunt for our eggs. Everybody was so lucky as they all managed to find an egg. Now it’s time to enjoy our holiday weekend and who knows, maybe some more chocolate eggs will be delivered!

All in the name of science

Today we decided that we were going to complete an experiment in the snow. This was conducted at the grass area behind Cart Mill where we wanted to find out who could go further in the snow! It was a very serious experiment which involved a group of children, and also a couple of CDOs, taking turns to slide down the snowy slope and see how far they got. We also decided to investigate if we travelled further on our puddle suits or on some black bin bags. The results of the experiment clearly showed the bin bags made us all go faster and the bigger ‘children’ went further!

And the winner is…

I wonder?

The children have been carrying out some experiments. Yesterday they tried mixing mento’s with coke to make a volcano…it didn’t work!

Next they decided to light the fire pit and toast some marshmallows. Sticky but yummy!

Then the decided to create their own Volcano. Bhavin and the other children are going to try bicarbonate of soda and vinegar tomorrow. I wonder what will happen.


Family Fun All The Way

The day got off to a great start with the weather and the huge turnout of our children, parents and family.  It was soon time for the puppet show.

The children loved the animals that “Creature Comforts” pet shop brought along.

The nail painting, tattoos and face painting was very popular!

The BBQ was queued out – James cooked over 200 burgers!

Bouncy castle!

Family races!



Thank you to all our families who came along in their droves!

Sensory Walk

Today we explored some materials we found outdoors and the children wanted to make a sensory walkway. The children were developing the sense of touch through using their feet and  using a variety of descriptive vocabulary to explain how it felt on their feet.

“The stones are hard on my feet” said Amber.

“The grass is tickly”. said Jack

“The sand is so soft” said  James.

We had lots of fun!