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Can you make a spooky pumpkin?

We have been learning about shapes in nursery and put this learning to use today to make a spooky pumpkin. We started by painting a pumpkin using chalk paint then discussed what shapes we could use to make a spooky face.

How it started….

“He needs a long nose.”

“We can use different shapes for each eye.”

“I used a circle and a triangle.”

“I’m making a monster pumpkin.”

…the finished article.

The children decided to make one eye a circle and one a rectangle then also drew a triangle inside the rectangle to make it even spookier! They made a zig zag mouth using triangles and also gave the pumpkin some curly hair. What a brilliantly spooky pumpkin, great team work everyone!

Pumpkin Playdough!

Today, the boys and girls have been discussing Halloween and the things associated with it.
We had a look at some pumpkins online and some we had at Cart Mill. We discussed the different shapes and colours.

After discussing the pumpkins, the children decided they wanted to make their own pumpkins,  so we thought we would make some orange pumpkin playdough!

We even added in some cinnamon!

Once the playdough was made, it was time to create our own pumpkins…

Pumpkin play

Today in home room we turned our pumpkin into a house for our little small world people..

We worked together to design our pumpkin house, discussing the different textures inside the pumpkin.

The children used their imagination to create their own role play stories. Even Santa and his dinosaur came to visit the pumpkin house and leave seeds to eat for his elves.

Santa left pumpkin seeds and the children made them into apples to eat.


Its been a busy day using all our creative thinking and design skill. What will you turn your pumpkin into at home? If you don’t have a pumpkin why not draw your idea.