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Cart Mill Mini Olympic Games

The children have been busy in our garden developing their gross motor skills.

The children were able to follow the instructions on the ground to develop their co ordination and balance, Hopping like a bunny and hopping on one leg like a flamingo

Once the children got the hang of this. They decided they wanted to add their own ideas.

“Let’s add some star jumps”

The children worked collaboratively using their imagination to come up with some great ideas to add.

“Let’s add a dancing box”.                  “Can we stomp like a dinosaur”.    “We need a shouting box”

We even added a love box at the end to and hug a friend and celebrate friendship.

The children had great fun using their own thoughts and ideas in this game. I’m sure we will be re visiting this again and come up with more fantastic ideas.

Ice cream parlour🍦

What a beautiful day it is🌞

After discussions last week on how to keep cool in the sun, the children decided they wanted to open their own ice cream parlour.

we used:

  • Shaving foam
  • Food Colouring
  • Chocolate powder
  • Sprinkles

The children used different sized spoons and bowls to mix the foam and chocolate power to make chocolate ice cream. They then mixed red food colouring to make strawberry ice cream.

“We need to add more chocolate powder, I cant smell it properly”

“I’m going to have a pink cone”

”I’m scooping the ice cream, it’s very slippy”

” I made a unicorn Ice cream, it’s gooey”

We made our ice cream cones in the shade while we had a break from the sun.

The children used their senses to smell and touch the foam with their hands.

They used their counting skills to count how many scoops of ice cream it took to fill the cone.

S’mores and pet shop fun!

We have been enjoying doing lots of baking in the toddler room lately, and we decided to make our very own S’mores! We melted our marshmallows in the microwave, and were amazed at how big they went. They doubled in size! We watched the chocolate melt on top of the warm marshmallows, and then we topped it off with a little digestive biscuit hat and enjoyed them for snack! They were very “sticky” and “yummy”.

After we had our s’mores we stretched our legs and took a little walk to the pet shop and got to look at all the animals. Our favourite was the fishes and the guinea pigs. They were “just like nemo” and “so fluffy”. It was a wonderful day and I’m sure all the boys and girls enjoyed themselves!

Welcome to Cart Mill

As we are moving quickly through the summer holidays, we thought it might be nice for our new children to see inside Cart Mill and meet some of the staff. We put together this video for you just before the school summer holidays so you can look at all our different rooms and get to know some of the faces you’ll see when you start! For all the children returning, it’s a nice chance for your families to see where you come to play as some of them might have forgotten, it’s been so long since you’ve been in!

Fun Day!

Today was our Cart Mill Fun Day and we really did have lots of fun!

We practised our balance and co-ordination with our potato and spoon race!

Lots of jumping fun during our sack race! We did so well not to fall over!

And of course we saved the best for last, our super fun water slide! We added lots of bubbles to make us slide super fast!

Not sure who enjoyed the slide most, the children or the staff!!

We had so much fun today and I’m sure we’ll all be ready for an early night!!

Sarah Jane’s Maternity Leave

Today we celebrated Sarah Jane’s last day before her Maternity Leave starts.  The children all gathered together to sing Twinkle Twinkle and to wish Sarah Jane the very best for the safe arrival of her baby 👶🏻

It was an emotional time for Sarah Jane and for us all.

We wish Sarah Jane the best for her maternity leave and we hope she gets some rest before  the baby arrives.

Our visit to St Joseph’s

This afternoon, our children who will be going to St Joseph’s after the summer went on a visit to their school with Sarah-Jane and Lauren.

We walked over from the nursery and met some of our friends at the front door. Our soon to be teachers and Head Teacher welcomed us as we arrived!

We had a tour of the school and then went along to see where our classrooms were going to be… it was so exciting!!

First we sat with our teachers and had a chat to get to know them. We found out their names and some of them even knew our brothers and sisters! We listened to a story and even got to play a game on the interactive board feeding the teddies… I wonder if we will see another teddy later on?

Then, we got to explore our classroom and see what wonderful things our school has, the children chose to play ice cream shops, build with the different lego bricks and draw some pictures for our teachers.

Finally, we met a very special friend… our very own Jo Bear! Our teachers gave us one each to take home and look after, to cuddle and to tell stories to at bed time. The children were so happy to take their Jo Bears home!

We said goodbye and thank you to our teachers for welcoming us to the school, we can’t wait to go back again for another visit to meet our buddies!

Thank you, St Joseph’s!

The Solihull Approach

Since 2012, the Scottish Government has supported the work of the Psychology of Parenting Project (PoPP), run within NHS Education for Scotland (NES), to ensure that parents and families have the support they require to help promote their child’s social, emotional and behavioural development.

The Solihull Approach was developed by Health Visitors, Child Psychologists and Child Psychotherapists in 1996. It is embedded in child development and psychological theory.

The Solihull Approach Online courses available are for all parents and carers across Scotland and are FREE. In addition, the ‘Understanding your brain’ course is specifically written for teenagers to access directly. The courses are available in several languages and with an audio narration.

Solihull Approach Online Implementation Guide March 2021


Toddlers learn Colours

The children in the toddler room have been showing an awareness and interest in colours recently.

There has been a variety of experiences happening across the week in the toddler room that have helped the children recognise different colours.

The children chose their favourite colours and worked well together to make a lovely stained glass window for our room.

The children enjoyed playing with our 3D bead maze developing their knowledge of the different colours and enhancing their fine motor skills and control.