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Making faces

Today in the toddler room after reading the book Let’s make faces the children had fun at the play dough table using  googlie eyes, buttons and pasta to make happy faces. They then looked through the book again to choose their favourite face.

Homemade grape jam!!

Yesterday the children were discussing what they like on a sandwich. One of the children said that their favourite was jam and asked how jam was made. We looked on the iPad for different recipes and the children decided to make grape jam.

“Look how big this one is”

“Let’s see if this machine will mash them up”

“3 spoons of sugar”

“It’s not hard to spread it”

“Mmmmm it’s yummy”

Welcome To Our Team

We have welcomed 2 new team members to Cart Mill this week – Linzi and Angela.

Linzi has come from working with the NHS in a  Health Visiting team and brings the experience of working with families in the community to our family centre.  Linzi is the new key worker for Fatima’s group.  Welcome Linzi!

Angela has come from Hazeldene Family Centre and she brings the experience of working with children and families in a busy family centre to our team.  Angela is our Senior Child Development Officer. Welcome Angela!

Donations for Family Fun Day

Donations for Family Fun Day
Saturday 22nd June 11am – 2pm

The fun day is fast approaching and we are looking for donations of tombola items and raffle prizes – anything goes!  We would also like any empty screw top wine bottles you have. We are planning a new stall for adults this year!

Please volunteer to help us on the day too – we need you!

A trip to Bonnyton house

As part of our intergenerational learning programme, Sarah-Jane and Zoe took a group of children over to Bonnyton house to work with some of the residents to play some games with them!

The children learned some new songs from the ladies and gents and they even learned baby shark in preparation for us coming over which the children were so excited about!

We played some ball games with the parachute and enjoyed a yummy snack!

“This is my new friend”

We had great fun with the parachute

We began to water the plants…

It all started because our plants looked thirsty after all the lovely hot sun we have had. Jaweria brought out the hose so the the children could water the plants but the children had other ideas, they wanted to water each other! Luckily everyone was protected in their puddle suits so they could all run in and out of the cooling fountain of water while watching it sparkle in the sun.


The children have been using their problem solving skills to design and work together to create some architecture buildings. We have also been using our imagination with the blocks to create characters from our favourite movies. Some children have been exploring schematic play , through using the blocks to enclose items they have gathered in the Family Centre.

Architects, builders beware – check out what the Cartmill children have been up to……………..they even tidy up after themselves 😁😁😁

Cartmill children have created a fantastic bridge!

Well done for using the tools  safely

Boys working together, good job

A new stormtrooper house

The boys understand the routine of the nursery and tidied up when they had finished.