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Warm Blankets

Thank you to Faith and her family for the thoughtful SCIAF real gift of “Warm Blankets” to help children and families in emergency situations.

We have enjoyed giving to various charities this Christmas – Oxfam, East Renfrewshire Food Bank, CCI Glasgow Helping the Homeless and Save the Children.  We owe you all a great big thank you for helping others less fortunate then ourselves this Christmas.

Christmas Fun

Festive fun has begun in our nursery. The children have had a fun filled week enjoying lots of creative Christmas crafts.  The children were engaged in creating decorations for the Christmas tree,  working on their fine motor skills as they threaded the beads through the pipe cleaners.

Another group of children enjoyed wrapping up boxes and putting them under the Christmas tree. They were using their problem solving skills as well as their fine motor skills as they carefully used scissors to cut the paper into pieces and wrap up the boxes using sellotape and wrapping paper.

The children’s amazing Christmas tree!


Winter Germs

This is the season when lots of bugs and germs are passed around.  We are encouraging our children and staff to regularly wash their hands as this is the best way to avoid getting ill.

We have had children and staff absent recently for a variety of reasons and we ask that if you suspect your child is unwell that you don’t send them to nursery but please call us and let us know why they are off.

We work closely with the NHS to promote health messages and to consult with them about outbreaks and exclusion periods for certain illnesses.  If we have any outbreaks we will inform you as is our protocol.

Please encourage your child to wash their hands regularly at home and hopefully we can stay germ free for Christmas.


Out of School Care Consultation 2019

The Scottish Government recognises that good quality, accessible out of school care is important for many families. It gives children opportunities to play, make friends, and build confidence and it can enable parents to take up work, training or study with the knowledge that their children are being cared for.

We have published a draft framework on Out of School Care which sets out what we know about the sector in Scotland and asks questions about what the Scottish Government can do ensure that out of school care better meets the needs of children and families.

You can find the draft framework and respond to each of the questions online here:

The consultation closes on Friday 6th of December. We will not be able to accept any responses after this date.

We want future policies on Out of School Care to be shaped by the people who would benefit from them. That is why it is crucial that we hear from parents and carers across the country about their views. It doesn’t matter if you currently use out of school care, if you have used it in the past, or if you have never used it at all – we want to hear from you about how out of school care can better meet your needs.

Out of School care poster

Parent Pack form

Parent Pack

Ice Age

The children were so ex-ice-ted to explore our garden today as Jack Frost had been to visit! The children noticed that Jack Frost had blown all over the garden and everything was covered in a “fluffy” layer of “crunchy” white ice. One of the children noticed that some of our flowers, leaves and conkers were “trapped” in a thick layer of ice. Another child mentioned that they had watched “Ice Age” at the weekend and the conker looked just like the acorn from the film. The children suggested we make our own Ice Age World for our dinosaurs. We had lots of fun making an icy dinosaur world and the children chatted about how much fun our dinosaurs would have playing in the ice.

It’s frozen like Ice Age”
“It’s an Ice Age dinosaur world”.

“It’s trapped in the ice. It’s so smooth”.


If you’re looking for flexible employment that fits round family life,
then work as a Home Care re-ablement worker in East Renfrewshire could be for you.

Home care workers are the heart of our community, supporting residents to remain at home and to live as independently as possible.
If you are caring, empathetic, patient, dedicated and conscientious, then we want to hear from you.

As well as flexible working options to fit around family life, we also offer excellent training, admirable terms and conditions including pension benefits, enhanced hourly rates for unsociable hours and development opportunities.

Please call us on 0141 800 7182 and ask to speak to a Home Care manager,who will be happy to discuss the opportunities we have to offer.We look forward to your call.

We are hiring A4

Pumpkin Feast

After all our Halloween celebrations last week we had lots of pumpkins left over! But what could we do with them?

The children had the wonderful idea that we could feed our feathered friends and other local wildlife with all the pumpkin mush inside.

First of all Helen cut the tops off our pumpkins then Fiona helped us set to work scraping out all the yummy pumpkin!

We had such great fun scraping the pumpkins out and we are so happy our wildlife friends are going to have very full tummys!