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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today in the art area the children have been showing their creativity through using a variety of media to create their own Valentine’s crafts. The children have been talking about the people that they love and the reasons why they love them.

The children made collage love hearts, Valentines day cards and love bugs for their someone special using different pink and red materials.


”I love my mummy because she gives me hugs”
”i love my daddy because he makes me laugh”
”i love my mummy, shes happy”
”i love my mummy, my daddy and Emily, they are my family”

”I love my daddy because he plays games with me”

Learning from our centre to home

We carried out a parental engagement survey which closed just before Christmas.  We are working through the comments and suggestions that you have told us could improve our centre and we thank you for the positive feedback we also received about what is going well within our centre.

Parents commented that they would like to know more about what their child is learning and how they can support their child at home.  We have produced parent information sheets which give an overview of the learning focus in the curriculum areas of literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing for this term.  Please click on the links below to view the information sheets and please let us know what you think about these by sending us an email to

Health & Wellbeing Information Jan 2019

Literacy Information Jan 2019

Numeracy Information Jan 2019

Tasty Tea!

The children have been working hard to prepare for opening their new coffee shop in the role play area. After some of the children visited Costa Coffee, they decided they would like to sell tea in their shop. To decide which tea they would like to sell we had a tea tasting session!

We began by exploring where does tea come from? We looked on the internet and found out that tea comes from a plant. We decided to cut open a tea bag so we could see what the tea looked like inside!

Some of the children were saying their Mummies and Daddies liked to have sugar in their tea so we explored the different kind of sugar we could have in our shop. The children decided that sugar in little packets would be best.

We had four different teas that we wanted to test, strawberry, lemon, peppermint and blackcurrant.  We all had great fun tasting the different flavours.

We decided to record which ones we liked best.

Our favourites were strawberry and lemon.

We are looking forward to the nest steps in our preparations, making sponge cakes and designing our logo !

Feed the birds

The children were watching some birds this morning and decided that they must be hungry because the ground was covered in snow. We talked about things that birds could eat, such as nuts and seeds but as we are a nut free centre we thought we could put something else out for the birds to eat. Always wanting to encourage recycling, we found some apples that had been left over from last week’s snack and we wondered if the birds would like to eat them. One of the children said we should hang the apples up so we started looking at ways to do this. After some problem solving, we came up with our own bird feeder.

What can the birds eat?
I can see the blue ribbon.
I think the birds will like a red apple.
How can we hang our bird feeder.
Dinner is served.

Stay and Play

The fire was crackling away today for our first stay and play event of the week. Parents joined their children for an outdoor cookery session round the fire to sample a tried and tested Cart Mill favourite, pancakes.
All the children are aware of the hazards around the fire and they know how they can stay safe but we had to make sure our visitors knew how to be safe around the fire pit. The children impressed everyone with their knowledge of fire safety. Risky play is so important to development, it can result in developing more confidence, safety awareness and better risk assessment skills, this works for mums and dads too! After some measuring and mixing, it was time to sit back in the winter sunshine and enjoy our pancakes.

don’t forget, you don’t stand beside the fire.

I am going to make a pancake for my little sister!

Pattern Detectives

This week we have been exploring patterns in the world around us. We have learned that a pattern is something that repeats over and over

 We began by looking at animal patternx and we were able to match the pattern to the correct animal we could see on the big screen.

‘This is from the giraffe’
‘The snake has a green and white pattern.’

We learned how some animals use their patterns to help them. The male peacock shows his patterned feathers to the feamle peacock.

The children also enjoyed exploring patterns by making rubbings from embossing plates.  They were able to describe the different patterns they could see.

‘ I have made a spotty pattern’

The children then decided to see what other pattern rubbings they could find around the nursery.

‘I am making a pattern using the floor.’


‘I have found a pattern on my shoe.’

We are beginning to learn to copy and create our own patterns using different colours.