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Our Team Say Hello!

The team at Cart Mill are so excited about welcoming back our children and getting to know all of our new children this term. They have decided to introduce themselves to you with a short video. We can’t wait to see you all next week! 😃❤️🌈




Fiona H⭐️


Helen B⭐️






Sharon D⭐️

Sarah Jane⭐️


Welcome to Cart Mill

Well, what a strange year we have had so far but, from next week, we will be welcoming you all to Cart Mill as we start another year with our returning children and a whole new year group too.
For those who don’t know me, I am Val, I can normally be found in the garden at Cart Mill as I love the outdoors! All the staff want to introduce themselves to you so you and your children can see who everybody is in the centre before you start. Over the next few days we will be posting short introductory clips of the staff. I have made a little video to give you some idea of what to expect when coming to Cart Mill and things that you might need to know.
Obviously you may have lots of other questions that we will be more than happy to answer, just contact the centre and we will be happy to help!

Balloon Fun!

Our boys and girls have had lots of fun playing with balloons. The children had lots of fun naming all the colours of the balloons and choosing their favourite colour.


We enjoyed watching them being blown up and growing bigger and bigger and bigger!


We had lots of fun making new friends by playing catch and watching our balloons going high up in the air.  We moved our bodies in lots of different ways to throw, catch and chase our balloons!

We even played a game of tennis by hitting the balloon to each other. It was lots of fun.





We got such a fright when our balloons went POP!!


Summer Holiday Hub Provision Welcome

Welcome to all the children, families and staff that have joined us this week at Cart Mill. We have all been making new friendships as we have come together from different nurseries and have been getting to know each other better. We look forward to the fun we will have over our Summer together and will share all our activities with you all over the forthcoming weeks.


BSL/Sign with Fiona – Playtime

Hi Everyone,

As we get closer to more children returning to Cart Mill, let’s practice some signs focused around playtime:







Take turns



I hope you guys are having some fun with these signs.



BSL/Sign with Fiona – Zoo Animals

Hi everyone,

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all go to the zoo! Hopefully, we can soon but here are some zoo animal signs to practice before seeing the animals again.













A good way to remember and practise your signing is to incorporate them into songs and stories. Can you think of any songs with these animals or have any favourite storybooks where these animals pop up?




Week 6 – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

It is hard to believe that we are now at Week 6 of our transition topic and we hope you have enjoyed the activities.

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of June? Where did the time go?

We have enjoyed seeing you all and we have one more preschool group tomorrow. It has been lovely to be able to say hello and goodbye to you all and we hope you have a lovely Summer before starting school in August.

Week 6 Transition Topic

Goodbye and Good Luck

This is normally a busy and very exciting time at Cart Mill as our pre school children prepare to take the next part of their education journey. All the staff love seeing the children excited at the prospect of getting their school uniform, visiting their new school, meeting their teachers and making new friends.
This year, we have been unable to celebrate this exciting time in the way we normally would and staff have missed out on tie ceremonies and school visits with the children too but we wanted to let you know we are all thinking about you and all wish you all the luck in the world. Our class of 2020 are an amazing group of children and we are so proud of them and the resilience they have shown during these strange times. To mark your next steps, all the staff at Cart Mill have prepared this little video for you to say goodbye and good luck.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy Primary 1, continue to follow your dreams.
Lots of Love
The Cart Mill team 💜🌈⭐️

Sign/BSL with Fiona – Pets

Hi everyone,

This week I would like to share more signs with you, so for all of this week, there will be a sign language blog everyday 🙂

Some of my favourite times as a child was spending time with my pet rabbit and my gran’s dog.

My son loves spotting animals when he is outside and is now making the sign for dogs, which is very exciting for us. With this in mind, I have made some videos with the different signs used for pets.

I hope you are enjoying these. The blogs for the rest of the week will cover zoo animals, manners and playtime, however if you have any requests for signs you wish to learn please just let me know in the comments 🙂