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What is Healthy Food?

Today we have been learning about different types of food and what types  are good for us. We started off with a variety of food pictures and we then created our own healthy dinner plate.

“Doughnuts have sugar and sugar is bad for your teeth.”

“Peas and potatoes are good for your tummy.”

“Carrots are good for your eyes and help you to see better.”

The boys and girls made a dinner plate which had food that could be healthier so we swapped chips for broccoli and tomatoes because “broccoli gives us big strong muscles.”

The children continued to make tasty healthy dinner plates through out the day and had ‘dinner’ with their friends in the home corner.

Santa and Gingerbread Biscuits

We have have had a special visitor today. Santa came to the Centre and left lovely presents for all the children, which can be collected when the children leave at the end of the day or at lunch time. Also the children have been making gingerbread biscuits and hopefully will get time to decorate them before taking them home. As this is my last blog before Christmas may we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Exploring all things Scottish

Children have been exploring Scottish things this week in our centre in the lead up to Saint Andrew’s day on Friday. Today they helped to cook a Burns supper outdoors. They helped to cut potatoes and turnips and also got to taste  vegetarian haggis. In the afternoon the children had great time exploring the patterns of kilts and started creating their own kilts.

“My kilt matches with my jacket”

“I love haggis, it tastes like lentil”

“It is soft and easy to mash “


Mental Lentil……………… Soup!!!!

We had fun making lentil soup outdoors today. The children helped to peel and cut the carrots and were excited to cook the soup on the fire. It was quite rainy today so we made a temporary shelter on the side of the fire pit where the children enjoyed to sit and watch the soup cooking. Theyalso liked having a wee taste of the soup and most of children liked the taste.

“carrots are wet and soggy like rain”
“Fire is orange like carrots”