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Together time for Toddlers



In the toddler room, Zoe, Sami, Jade and the children have been enjoying their special together time at the beginning and end of every session. The children have a special song box with some props which act as visual cues to help the children make their song choice.

As you can see it is great fun! This type of experience helps build the children’s confidence and self esteem. Next week at Stay and Play maybe some parents will get to choose a song if they come along..


At family cooking, Amanda wearing a fab cheif’s hat decided that the children would make their very own pizza to eat for dinner. The children, mums, dad and gran washed their hands and put on their cooking aprons.

The children then rolled the dough into their preferred shape then added the toppings. Cheese, tomato and sweet corn seemed to be the most popular choices.

Amanda gathered all the creations and put them into a pre heated oven to cook. The children listened to a story about pizza and drew pictures of themselves and their family members.

Everyone helped set the tables and when the pizza was ready, we all sat down together to eat… it was delizioso!!



Cosmic Yoga

Today some of our children decided they would like to join in with some fun exercises.

They helped Sami search the internet for a fun exercise to do. They found Cosmic Yoga with Moana.

Nathan really enjoyed the Cosmic Yoga and completed the full routine with his brother Matthew. They were really having lots of fun. Bhavin, Sophie and Lucy stretched and twisted to the music too. It was lovely to hear the children singing along  to the songs.

Little Tiger Cubs

A Taekwondo instructor has been visiting our centre for a few weeks. The children have had the opportunity to learn basic self-defense and try some new exercises, helping improve fitness, balance and coordination. The children enjoyed a warm-up session and they all listened very carefully to the instructor.

The children tried out some defense moves; they blocked punches and kicked the pads.

They then worked in teams to reach the treasure without standing on the floor. This required the children to pass a spot to the front of the line and then move forward a spot and start again. The child at the front then was responsible to pass the treasure back ensuring that everyone was able to have some.

Great fun, fitness and problem solving too!

Come and experience Autumn with our Family and Friends Walking Group

logoPaths for All is a charity which champions everyday walking in Scotland.

“A physically active lifestyle improves our all round health. Health is more than the absence of illness – it is a balance of physical, social and mental factors. Walking is  a great way to improve our health –  in all ways”

Paths for All (2015)

As I have completed my Walk Leader training with the above organisation, it is my pleasure to be able to lead community walks from our centre.

We would like to encourage as many people as possible to come along and join us next Thursday 5th October at 9.15am on our very first group walk. We plan to walk from the centre to Greenbank Gardens, where we will have a break, then walk back to the centre. The route has been risk assessed and is safe and accessible for buggies too.

As a family centre, at drop off and collection times, we often see parents, aunties, uncles, carers and grandparents, who are the important people that support your child and family. We want to encourage them to join us on our walks too, so please make them aware that if they have a spare hour on a Thursday morning, they will be made most welcome.

So what do you need to bring?

As we experience all 4 seasons in one day (sometimes in 1 hour), here in bonny Scotland, I would ask that you dress appropriately and bring a bottle of water. Plan to be outdoors for the duration of the walk, which will last approximately one hour. We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits as essential fuel at our halfway point!

You will be asked to complete a very short registration form on your first walk and if you would like any more information or have any questions please get in touch .

I hope to see you next Thursday 5th October  at 9.15am.

Please contact the centre to let me know if you are coming along.

Lorraine Glendinning

Depute Head of Centre

The Welcome Tree

We have created a beautiful welcome tree for each key group with the help of our Janitor, Michelle.

The trees are situated at the cloakroom areas and we would like the children to find their name tag,  hang it on the tree as they arrive in the playroom and, if they can remember,  to take it off as they leave the playroom to go home.

The process is demonstrated in the images below by Georgia and Tommy.


We want the children to feel welcome and to feel connected to the larger group and the tree signifies this perfectly.   The children also have an additional opportunity to recognise their name each day.

We hope that you will encourage your child to find their name and place it on the tree in their cloakroom area before they go off to play.  Many thanks for your help with this!

Sand and Water

Today the children were helping to look after themselves and their environment. Lucia showed the new boys and girls how to wash their hands before and after they have snack. Lucia also demonstrated how to wash up after snack has been eaten.

The children also enjoyed washing the babies in the warm soapy water…the sponges were great fun.

We then decided to make sand towers. The children used cups and spoons to add the sand. Then Ines got his wellies to make footprints in the sand. Great fun!

Everyone washed their hands once they had finished playing.


Welcoming friends old and new..

It is a busy time at Cart Mill Family Centre as we welcome new friends and welcome back our children who are returning after the summer.. Some children can find it  a little bit upsetting leaving their parent/carer at the beginning of a session, then we usually find at the end of their session they don’t want to leave us to go home!

It is very important to us that all of our children, whether returning children or new,  feel safe and secure with us.Thank you to all parents/carers for your patience and for working in partnership with us to make this happen.

Brown Banana’s

Today Stephanie and Caitriona were making snack. Caitriona pointed out that the bananas were brown.  We thought that they may have to go into the bin; however Stephanie suggested that the bananas could be used to cook a banana loaf. Caitriona asked if her new friends could join her to make the loaf.

The children helped to find a recipe.

The children were very excited to take their share of the loaf home to eat it with their family members. Yummy!!