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Toddlers and Water 💦

Today the toddler children have been investigating the different ways we can use water. We learnt that some items will float in water and some will sink. “Look the bin lorry sinks”. We found stones and shells in the garden and they didn’t float. The children came to realise that if the object was heavy it would sink to the bottom.  We found ducks and they liked to float on the water, this made the children think about what else maybe lives in water we looked around our garden and discovered some fish, frogs, sharks and dolphins, that all like to be in or around water.

When we finished, we talked about what to do with the water with a little help we discussed how to recycle the water and give all our growing vegetables in the garden a drink. The children searched the garden and came back with their chosen containers to carry the water. We practised some great pouring, measuring and balancing skills to transport the water to the vegetables. Well done tods.

Fruit skewers anyone…..

In the toddlers today we decided to make fruit skewers today. We were able to focus on colours, patterns, taste, numeracy as well as developing our fine motor skills.

Firstly, we washed our fruit

We picked from a selection of strawberries, apples, grapes and bananas

We used our fingers to carefully thread the fruit onto our skewers creating patterns

It can be quite tricky but we all persevered

The fruit is very tasty

Happy children enjoying their snack 😁

Germ Busting Yoga,

Today we did some Cosmic Yoga to waken and stretch our muscles after lunch. Yoga helps strengthen children’s growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility.

Today’s yoga thought us how to  wash our hands and defeat the germ monster!  We learned the 6 movements to washing our hands and becoming a soaperhero!!







Take a look below at our super yoga poses!


“We always have to wash our hands to not get sick.”

“We got the germ monster with the moves”

“I like the germ yoga, it was the best one”


Making yummy little banana cakes 😁

The toddlers decided they would like to make some banana cakes for their snack.  Great for developing fine motor skills practice following instructions and turn taking and also introducing new words. First we mashed up our banana. “It’s squishy and cold”

Next we measured out our flour and baking powder using the scales. ” I can see the numbers going up”  “I see number 3 that’s my age “

 “I need to measure how much I put in”

Next comes the egg I“ you need to put two in “

Into the oven. I “ These will be tasty” I can’t wait for snack” A“I wonder if I will be able to taste the banana “ “ How long do we need to put them in for”The children were great at waiting for their turn to add the ingredients. They worked together to guess which ingredient would be added next. They were very enthusiastic about making the cakes and looking forward to seeing and tasting the finished banana cake.

Toddlers explore outdoors

With the success of our sports day the children have asked to go back out into the large open space beside the nursery. We have been exploring the world around them whilst experiencing new smells,  sounds and textures. We have been discovering how we can use our bodies learning how fast we can run and practising our balancing skills running up and down hills.
We have also enjoyed some new walks around the local area. We first discussed some road safety and listening ears before we left the nursery. The children were very excited to discover a river near the nursery we watched the water move over the rocks and listened to the sound it makes.

We have also had several visits to the swing park which is always great fun. The children are always excited to try out their physical skills and are making great progress with their balancing and climbing skills. They also encourage each other which helps develop their social skills and of course friendships.


🍊Fruity water play 🍋

Last week the children showed a keen interest in making their smoothies so today  we explored fruit slices in the water.

The children helped to slice up the fruit learning how to use the knife safely.  Once we started cutting into the fruit the children noticed how the fruit smelled.

“The orange smells fruity and sweet can we eat it”

“The lemon smells fresh”

“This lime smells sour”

We squeezed some of the fruit into the bowl.

The children had great fun squeezing, pouring, filling and creating  their own fruit juice and also exploring volume and capacity at the same time.

“I am going to make orange juice for everyone”

“I’ve made some orange juice”

“Mine smells yummy”



Fruit Smoothies :)

The children in the home room asked to make some fruit smoothies.

So we searched for a recipe on the computer and the children made a list of ingredients.

  • 15 Strawberries
  • 2 Banana’s
  • 250ml Orange juice

We collected:

  •  Large mixing bowl
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp Knife (for adult)
  • Hand blender
  • Measuring jug

We spoke about the dangers when using our equipment and how to be safe using it.

“First we need to chop the fruit up and add it to the bowl”

“We need to measure the orange juice,we need a measuring jug”


“now blend it together”

The children enjoyed their delicious smoothies and are now going to add the recipe in to our very own Cart mill Recipe book.



Pasta Party in the Toddler’s! 🎉

Our toddlers have been having lots of fun exploring different foods, smells and textures recently. After our last taster test we explored a variety of different smells in herbs and spices and agreed our favourite was Cajun! We decided to make a nice fragrant Cajun pasta dish together for snack. This gave us the opportunity to engage our senses through different smells and experience exciting  new tastes. Some children loved eating the spring onions and EVERYBODY loved the pasta and even asked for seconds! The children were super helpers and displayed fantastic turn taking. They took turns to measure the chopped tomatoes with tablespoons, chop and mix in all the fresh vegetables for our pasta dish, and whisk our Cajun spice together so that it was nice and smooth. Well done guys!


A la Cart Mill Mud kitchen

Today the children were busy cooking in the mud kitchen.

The children made a delicious 3 course meal with some interesting ingredients.

There were 3 chefs busy in the kitchen and a sous chef collecting ingredients from our garden.

Our starter was soup with carrots, potatoes and leeks😋

“This is main course it’s pizza and it’s your favourite!”

“I’m making the dessert, I help make cupcakes in my house. This is chocolate mousse with chocolate sauce. “

Today the children had such great fun exploring in mud kitchen. We used a  variety of different tools when creating our culinary delights.  We learned a range of skills during this experience such as Literacy and Role Play skills.

What will we cook next in our mud kitchen?




The toddlers make 🍓 jam😍 Yum Yum

Today we asked the toddlers what we could make for our snack using strawberries. T said jam. The toddlers were able to follow  my instructions to make their very own jam to have at snack on a rice cake. We used lots of descriptive language and used our manipulative skills to mash the strawberries. We even  talked about the changes in texture after we mashed  the strawberry.  T “ It’s lumpy “ We discussed what our favourite fruits are and why. C said “I like strawberries best because they are sweet”. H said “she liked banana best because it’s yellow”   T said “I like grapes best” “ B said “apple is his favourite fruit”

H “Can we make a different fruit jam next time”