Hibernation & The Black Bear

The children in the home room have been showing curiosity around dark and colder nights, like what happens to the animals? We got our creative heads on and developed a small world hibernation cave and have been learning about the animals that hibernate in the winter, and how we can accommodate them.

The children have been busy creating animals and their homes all week using natural resources to help keep them warm during hibernation.  Today the children have been enjoying making the black bear. They have been learning what happens when the weather grows cold and food supply dries up, and how the black bear hibernates for the winter.

We have also been extending our learning further today, looking at different stories about hibernation, including ‘The Great Big Sleep’ . The children enjoyed listening to the story, learning how the bear was getting ready for his winter sleep and how the squirrel just wasn’t sleepy.

Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre

On Wednesday we had a visit from Clydebuilt  Puppet Theatre. They told us three cautionary tales- The Ungrateful Crocodile which taught us to be kind to others who are kind to us, The Forgotten Treasure which is about being grateful for what you have and a good old favourite Red Riding Hood- The Wolf’s Story.

The children absolutely loved watching the show! There were lots of oohs and aahs and plenty of giggles too. Thank you so much to Steve and Leigh for the wonderful performances.