Remember remember the 5th of November

Today we have been talking about fireworks night . The children told us what they already knew about fireworks.

“Fireworks are loud.”

“They make a Big Bang.”

“ I saw green and pink ones last night.”

“My dad bought Sparklers.”

Some of the children didn’t know what sparklers were so we used the computer to search for pictures.

We then searched for and found a firework safety video on YouTube where Fireman Sam shared some tips on how to stay safe on firework night.


We discussed what we had learned about being safe.

“Stay with mum.”

“We need to stay far away.”

“Fireworks could burn us.”

”We can wear torches so the cars can see us.”

We spoke about different ways of being seen in the dark. Wearing Hi   Visibility clothing can help.  ”Just like a policeman.”

Hope you all have a happy and safe fireworks night!

Cosy Winter Clothes

As we are now entering a colder period of weather and that we need to keep windows open for ventilation, the children do need warm clothing.  Please can children come with a cosy jumper or a fleece to keep them warm indoors as well as when they go outside with their jacket on.  Please also pop gloves and a cosy hat in your child’s bag so that they can have this when they need it.