Sleeping Bunnies

We have been celebrating Book Week Scotland and Nursery Rhyme week here in our Studio Room.
Today’s  rhyme is Sleeping Bunnies. It’s a favourite of ours and most of us are familiar with the song and actions. For some it was a brand new song to hear. We used the smart board to listen to Bookbug singing us Sleeping Bunnies.

Now that we all knew what to do we had a turn of joining in.
First we pretended we were the sleeping bunnies

Then we sang our merry  song and then….. wake up bunnies

It was time to hop like little bunnies

It was lots of fun. We used lots of skills throughout this experience, we extend our vocabulary by learning new songs, our gross motor skills to hop and our expressive arts to sing and our imagination to become bunnies.

We also used our nursery rhyme books to look for other familiar rhymes. We have been learning that we can find out information from a book.

We had to look at the picture to give us a clue to what the rhyme may be.

we guessed almost all of the rhymes.
I wonder what tomorrow’s rhyme will be?

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