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What’s that smell?

The boys and girls have been learning about and listening to the story ”Ada twist the scientist” and in this story Ada performs experiments.  Today we explored different smells.

The children used their sense of smell to smell inside each of the bags and then described what they thought it was. They were able to discuss why they did or didn’t like the smells.

”This one smells like a garden”
The boys and girls discussed the different smells that were in each numbered bag and we recorded their comments.
”This is number 1, it smells like sugar”
”I don’t like this smell”
”This one is nice, it smells like sweeties”

Why did the spider come inside?

This week is book week scotland and we are focusing on the book ‘Ada Twist Scientist’ by Andrea Beaty.  Ada is a very curious girl who wants to know why things happen. Recently a large spider came into the Family Centre and the children wanted to know why the spider had come in.

The children were made aware of different types of insects and what they eat. They were then aware that dropping food on the floor attracts flies and as spiders eat flies the spider had come in to the centre to eat the flies.

The children then were given specimens of insects to examine and made representations of them with playdough. The very curious children had lots of fun looking at the insect specimens and making playdough models.

Science in action!  Play allows the child to research.