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Pancake Tuesday – Yummy!!

Today the toddlers had great fun making pancakes. They took turns to measure the correct ingredients and loved stirring the mixture. The children watched for the pancakes to bubble on the cooker and outside on the fire in the big garden. We sang ‘Pop a Little Pancake’ and flipped the pancakes over!! Everyone enjoyed eating the pancakes at snack with some lovely fruit on them! Mmmmmmmmmm!!


Pancake Tuesday!!!

“Raspberries are my favourite”.
And its all finished!!!

The children were so excited to make pancakes today on fire. They helped to make the batter for the pancakes. To make pancake day little bit more interesting,  the children came up with an idea to set up a pancake topping bar which they used to select their topping for their pancakes. They suggested chocolate syrup, strawberries,sprinkles, honey and golden syrup.

” I love honey on my pancake”.

Australia Day

The children are always interested in learning about different countries and the celebrations they have. Today we celebrated Australia Day. We were lucky to have one of our parents in to read stories and discuss her own Australian experiences with the children. We looked at the Australian flag in the art and craft area and tried to recreate it while outdoors, the children discussed Australian artwork and made their own interpretation of it.

It looks like a flower

I like the colours.
I want to use white paint.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play is on from tomorrow, Monday 28th January and will last all week.  We have planned learning sessions for you to join so that you can experience some of the learning that the children experience daily in our centre.  The sessions will take place at 9.15am and 1.15pm and are as follows:

Monday – Cooking on the fire with Val & Jaweria

Tuesday – Literacy & Numeracy with Helen & Yasmin

Wednesday – Bookbug with Zoe – AM Toddlers Playroom & PM Children’s Playroom

Thursday – Baking with Stephanie MacRitchie

Friday – Forest School with Stephanie MacPherson & Sharon McKenna – PM Session for adults 13.15 – 15.15

You are welcome to pop in and play anytime this week from 8am to 6pm.

Christmas is for Giving

This year we asked our parents if they would donate to charity at Christmas instead of buying staff gifts.  Many families took up the offer and we raised an amazing £126 for Oxfam.  This week the children chose the real gifts:

  • Life-changing Chicken – £13
  • Team Toilet – £10
  • Safe Water for a Family – £10
  • Poverty-busting Pig – £23
  • Support for a Refugee – £25
  • Super Girl – £13
  • Fantastic Farm Kit – £5
  • A Super Goat – £25

We donated the spare £2 to help with the printing costs.

The children then ordered the gifts online and the money is now with Oxfam.  Our gift cards will be here in January.

Merry Christmas to families in far away places who are living in poverty.  We hope that Cart Mill families have helped just a little bit with your struggles.

Thank you also to Esme and her family and to Ben and his family who bought us real gifts too.  Esme bought us a UNICEF inspired gift of helping a child to learn and play and Ben bought us fruit credits for a Govan project, Locavore, who help provide fruit to refugee families.