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Water Play




We have colourful buckets for our water play area. the children enjoyed using them for some filling and pouring activities. Emily wanted to see how long it would take to fill up the bucket by blowing into the hose.

Antony discovered that he could blow bubbles this way!

The children are also learning how to dress appropriately when playing in the water by wearing suits and wellies.

Damon said “I’m filling the bucket right to the top so I can make a muddy puddle”, Anthony said “I’m pouring into the muddy puddle”

Emily said “I’m filling it up so I can put it in the tyre but it’s taking  along time!”

Bugs, tree stumps and leaves

Today Dominic while exploring the microscope decided to go looking for bugs. He looked under all the tree stumps. Kaile, Evelyn, Magnus and Abigail decided to join in the search. The children looked high and low and managed to find two spider webs and two spiders!

The children also found some holes on the leaves in our vegetable garden…Sami asked the children where they thought the wholes appeared in the leaves. Kaile said; “It’s the caterpillars.”

The children then looked in the compost to see what they could find. Georgia, Abigail and Dominic asked, “Where does compost come from?”

Kaile said “compost comes from rubbish and food.” The children then researched how to make compost by using the computer.

A day of building bridges…

Today, Kaile built the Forth Bridge and also Tower Bridge London.


Some friends joined in and shared their own design ideas, as you can see they are a feat of engineering.

Have a look at the detail and the complexity of the connecting pieces. An experience such as this involves many skills, such as problem solving, forward planning, calculating weight and distance and an appreciation of design.

All of this has been achieved through Play, a clear demonstration of the value of allowing our children to explore and choose their own experiences.

Cookies anyone?

It was a quiet start to the week here at Cart Mill, some of our friends are on holiday and some were visiting their new primary school. The children made some chocolate chip cookies. Alexander said they didn’t look like chocolate chip cookies but the did taste like them! That’s a relief!

There is a lot of concentration involved in baking with lots of measuring and mixing of ingredients. Baking is an excellent experience for even the youngest children as it involves so many different skills.

Making Chocolate Biscuits

Yesterday afternoon the children made chocolate biscuits for their snack. The children all worked together to break up the chocolate and then put it in the microwave to melt. The children were aware of health and safety throughout the experience and recongnised that the bowl might be warm when it comes out of the microwave. The children developed their fine motor skills by using the spoon to spread the chocolate on the biscuits and then decorate them with marshmallows. They then enjoyed eating their biscuits alongside their friends.

Skye “This is so yummy”.


Freya “I’m waiting on the chocolate melting”.



Florence “It’s ready”.



Charlotte “It’s a great snack.”



Jack “I like chocolate.”

Making Friends

Caleb and Lewis have joined Cart Mill Family Centre  for the summer holiday. They explored their new environment together and have become friends. Caleb decided to make some soup in the outdoor kitchen and he invited Lewis to help.  Lewis collected some water and helped mix all the ingredients together. The children then poured the mixture from one basin to another. Caleb asked Lewis to collect some more water in the bucket so that the mixture could pour more easily.





A Venn Diagram and the Cat in the Hat


We are continuing to explore rhyme  and the works of Dr Seuss. Today we looked at the similarities between the Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat comes Back.


We created a Venn Diagram to show these.

Louise explained to us what a Venn Diagram is.

If you want to learn more click here




Here is the result of our findings.. and a thought for today from the Cat in the Hat..

cat in the hat