Creative at the Tinker Table

As our children are becoming more confident at the tinker table we have been discussing what we can do with our wood and what we can create. The boys and girls have decided to use collage materials to bring their models to life!

We have had a safety lesson remember to put your gloves on when using tools. The children did some great problem solving to see what piece of wood fits best and how many pieces required.  We used several types of adhesives to see what would stick on our collage materials best.

We have also had some special visitors today as it was a stay and play day for our families to come and join us today for some fun.

We have enjoyed using different materials today with our wood and collage resources and have created houses, planes, boats, volcanoes. The children have worked very hard and shown great imagination skills with their tinkering.  Well done. We look forward to making our next creation.