This is the 2nd last day to get the Banton Basher. The Banton Basher is our school magazine.

…the closing date is Friday 1st of June to get issue 1…

The magazine is 50p and if you want one and you have a child in this school give 50p to them and we will get it to you A.S.A.P, if you want one and don’t have a child in the  school you can come into the school before the closing date, pay 50p to the office and we will print one for you.

The magazine is full of interviews and news. It’s also got puzzles and games.

Thanks to everyone who has already got a copy of the magazine🗞😃


The Banton Basher Team


Art, People Things!

Today we were looking at a artist called Miro and his weird and unique pieces of art. The art was mostly colours, shapes and lines. He mostly made unique and unusual creatures.

We used a sheet of paper that had different body shapes, head shapes, noses, eyes, then shapes to add and lines to add, we got a dice and that would tell us what shape or thing today but number six was different because you could make your own or choose one that was already there.

I got this weird but unique and strange piece of art but people in our class was extraordinary and cool so here is mine:


Pond Dipping

On Wednesday the 22nd of may bug life people came in to take us to Banton loch to go pond dipping. When we got there we all got our things there was nets, little tubs, plastic spoons and trays. We had to be put into partners I was with Emily and Rhea was with Hannah. We were all digging around to see if we could find anything we found many creature like tadpoles.


Here are some picture we drew and facts we found out:

Freshwater shrimp by Zara

They can grow up to 11mm so they are quite small. There scientific name is a gammarus and you can see them all year round. They are in the uk and they don’t live very long the live about 9 to 12 months. You mostly see them in slow streams and sometimes in ponds and … Continue reading “Freshwater shrimp by Zara”

The cycle of frogs – Emma

Tadpoles Tadpoles are weird looking creatures but cool at the same time. They have big heads and very long tails. The mother will lay thousands of tiny jelly covered eggs that look like dots. The tadpoles are born with gills like fish so they can breath under water where they live. The jelly eggs are … Continue reading “The cycle of frogs – Emma”

Water boatman – Islay

There is 300 species of waterboat man. water boatmen are dark brown.  There legs are in the middle and at the front of my body. Water boatmen live in lochs and rivers. Water boatmen are herbivores. Water boa men eat algae. Water boatmen bite. 

Mayfly – Emily

Mayfly larva This is a drawing of the mayfly larva we found in Banton Loch. The mayflies fly to mate and after mating they lay their eggs then die by the end of the day. May flys consume algae during the larva stage. Adults do not have functioning mouths and do not eat. May flies … Continue reading “Mayfly – Emily”

Cheerleading and hip hop dancing

As part of health week somebody came in to do hip hop dancing and cheerleading.

When we did the cheerleading we went into three lines and then we went into a pinball shape. We did some cool shapes and tricks and we got to use the Pom poms as we moved we had to shake them. When we did everything together it looked very cool.

We also did hip hop dancing for the rest of the time that was also fun. There was some cool tricks we had to do with our hands it was a bit tricky but fun.

Everybody enjoyed doing the dancing and cheerleading.

Dow’s Wood Spring Watch

On Wednesday Afternoon the Biggies went on a walk down to Dow’s Wood with Mr and Mrs. Carter. The focus was on trees, but we kept ours eyes and ears open to other experiences.

In this photo we are looking very interested in the Alder tree. We are wondering about the cones on it and we love the look of them. We are listening to everything Mr Carter knows about the alder tree. -Zara, Islay and Fulton

See more pictures of our walk and the sketches we drew…

Heart start

On Tuesday primary 4,5,6,7 learned how to do heart start with Mrs Rae.

The first thing we did was watch two fake videos about helping an unconscious person and a conscious person.

The first step was look around for danger then ask the person if there are ok.

Then shout for help if the person does not respond. Next check if the person is breathing by putting your hand on the persons four head and putting your other two pictures on the persons chin. Now Push the head back and put your cheek close to the persons face to see if you can here or feel then breathing.  Then put the person in the recovery passion by putting there right arm at a right angle and bringing the left  arm over and putting it on the cheek closest to you. Then bring the left leg over the right leg.  Then phone an ambulance and answer all of the questions the person asks you.

Mrs Rae said we could test it out on a friend I did it with Zara and we were just laughing but we did get it done. 

Mud snails

Mud snails 🐌

Bug life came in to speak with us and spoke about mud snails. There going to leave us some mud snails to look after for them to grow up to adult snails to increase the population.

Buglife explained what there about, mud snails are rare and there only 7 ponds in Scotland where they live.

⁃ Activity 1) Colour a snail in and put a fact on it’s shell then name them.
⁃ Activity 2) Match snails by there adult and there baby snail.
⁃ Activity 3) Word-search things to do with mud snails and colour 3 bugs/insects in.

“Lost Words” Poems

We have been reading some of The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane. We wrote acrostics poems of our own. Click the thumbnails to see bigger versions.


Update: We had a nice comment on Twitter from Robert Macfarlane


Rugby festival

Today we went to the rugby festival at st Patrick’s primary school. There was lots of schools there like chapel green, Banton primary, st Patrick’s and more.

Firstly we got split into Banton 1 and Banton 2 we were only allowed seven people in each team so some people had to be back up people. The field that we were playing on was so much bigger than we were used to. Both teams had 2 rounds so we had 4 games between us. We went up against other schools and had lots of fun and I think we did very well scoring tries.

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