Basketball Skills

Primary 6 & 7 have been working on their basketball skills with Miss Meechan. This week she asked them to make some videos to show what they have been learning.

We were working on self awareness, dribbling, shooting and working with others.

We played King of the Castle to warm up. King of the Ring helps with awareness and ball control and defence. Aim practise from different angles. One on One helps with defending and attacking, you don’t stop.

We also played no-net basketball, where a person is a net!


For the last couple of weeks on a Monday we have been getting rugby a rugby coach has been coming in to do it with us.

When we first started everyone was dropping the ball and couldn’t catch it. Now we can do a full game of touch rugby it did take a lot of practise but now everyone understands the rules. Sometimes we play a game where we get split into teams and the first team to get 7 passes without dropping it wins. During that the other team try’s to get the ball whilst it’s in the air. It is so different from what we started like and what we are like now.