Litter pick in Dow’s woods

Today we Went to Dows woods. We went because we were going to do a community litter pick.

So in the morning we set off we collected our bags and put on our gloves and of course picked up our litter pickers. When we went into Dow’s wood we went searching for litter at the start we got a couple of bits. We were all in partners and we took shots each of holding the litter picker and the bags.

When we went further in the woods we found some more litter we found a couple of green plastic things that was laying about so we took them to the path and decided we would collect them on the way back since they were big.

So we ventured on until we reached one of our favourite bits of the woods which is where the rocks are then we took a photo of all of the rubbish we found. Some of the rubbish we found was a chicken feeder plastic tubes which we took of off the trees that had grown to big for them and some containers from sweets. It was really great going to Dow’s woods and I think we all hope we will ventures there again.

Basketball Skills

Primary 6 & 7 have been working on their basketball skills with Miss Meechan. This week she asked them to make some videos to show what they have been learning.

We were working on self awareness, dribbling, shooting and working with others.

We played King of the Castle to warm up. King of the Ring helps with awareness and ball control and defence. Aim practise from different angles. One on One helps with defending and attacking, you don’t stop.

We also played no-net basketball, where a person is a net!

Highlights 2 Oct 2020: Short but Creative

We didn’t have a full week but the Biggies have had a creative one.
On Tuesday afternoon we went on a tiktok photowalk round the playground. We tried out some of the techniques we have been learning from Dave’s Tiktok Photowalks site.

Later in the week we have been working on material to help the younger children in the school understand “Clever Never Goes”, a way of staying safe. The class were brilliant at working together, showing leadership, cooperation, act, problem solving and creative skills. Most of the class worked in video but one group used scratch.

Clever never goes montage Clever never goes montage: Working together.

We hope to publish the video and animation next week.


As usual the dens in the playground continue to develop and change:


Fire Pit Fun 🔥

Yesterday we had a fire in the playground for this to go ahead we had to sit at the fire pit and we needed to have the right equipment.
So we fixed the logs at the fire pit and got water kindling and the first aid kit.
With all that we where ready to start so me and Aaron cut the kindling while Lara laid a bed of kindling. Then we made a triangle of kindling because triangles are a sturdy object with all that we where ready to go.

So we started the fire using flint and steal and then it got smokey which got annoying but I got use to it.
We got a stick and put a marshmallow and apple on it we roasted them but before we did we needed to ask to approach the fire.
The marshmallow and apple tasted really good.after that we sat and chatted for a bit and then Mr Johnston put the fire out and that was it.

I enjoyed the fire and food I’m happy and appreciative about us being able to go out and have a fire.

Yesterday, the primary 6 & 7 went out to cook marshmallows and apples in the fire.

In the afternoon we all went out to have a fire at the fire pit we all went outside and got the fire ready.

First we got a fire king or queen. Kaitlyn was the fire queen. Lara made the fire bed using kindling Me and Jonah cut up. To start the fire we all went around in a circle lighting sparks to see who could light the fire. Kristy got the bests spark so we got some bog cotton and some wood and lit to on fire we flung it in the bed and we could already smell the fire.

After a few minutes we went inside and grabbed our own sticks and trapped one of each marshmallow and apple slice. We attached them to our sticks and went back into the fire circle. Half of the people approached the fire and cooked the marshmallow most people burnt there’s but some people got it a Krispy golden brown. Brown makes it delicious. My apple got burnt so I couldn’t eat it. Kaitlyn let go her apple and accidentally dropped it in the fire.

After we eat all the lovely food we all had circle time and showed how we felt. But everyone got to choose what question they wanted and we went around the circle and finished up.

We plan on making on other one soon we all had an amazing time outside and I hope you enjoyed my story of the fire pit.

By Aaron & Jonah.

Highlights of the Week 29-11-2019

We have crammed in so much this week that it is hard to remember it all. We also were so busy that we took far fewer photos than usual.

We continued our preparation for the Christmas Fayre, 3 group organising the making tree ornaments, Santa faces and some cookies.

The children did really well under the pressure of a deadline.

The Fayre went really well too, the class selling the decorations they produced, their Christmas Calandars and other items.

These activities targeted our food preparation skills, especially measuring and kneading.


After all the fun of the fair on Thursday we had some more fun on Friday, we made fruit skewers and cooked them over the fire pit. This gave us more practise of our cooking skills, chopping and cutting. Some children practised using lives safely to cut kindling and we were all safe around the fire. We were so busy looking at what as going on we didn’t even get one photo! The class were brilliant and keeping safe and following or fire pit rules. they built, lit and fed the fire. We even managed a bit of literacy, thinking of adjective and alliteration.

During all of this we found time to practise our Christmas show, this was made very enjoyable for the staff by the excellent behaviour and enthusiasm  of the whole school.

Finally playtime saw the invention of The Banton Snack Van!


Scale Model Dens

The Biggies are great den builder at playtime. In this wee project we made scale models of dens by making scale models of the pallets, tarps and pipes in the playground. We measured all of these in the playground, scaled the size down and made mini pallets, pipes and tarps. We used these to make model dens. I’ve added some quotes from the biggies e-Portfolios below.

Last week we went outside in groups of 3 to go to measure the width and length of all the palettes, tarpaulins and crates outside.
Our teacher put all the measurements in a app called numbers then made it move all the numbers up by 100 to change metres to centimetres then divided them all by 10 to scale them so we can make our tiny dens.
After doing all the calculations we measured it out into small pieces of cardboard then put shapes on the cardboard to make them look like pallets. Then we stuck the cardboard together, then measured the tarps to make a roof. quickly we made a flag out of spare parts to finish up our den and that’s how we built our den.

Heather p6

I have learned how to scale things into scaled models. I measured meters and centimetres outside whilst I was measuring pallets, crates, pipes and tarpaulins.

Charlie p4

We put a bit to much glue. we made a little up stairs. it kept falling.
How we solved those problems
The glue made it a bit slippery even though it is supposed to stick but we worked with it and we started making supports.
We connected pieces to their one corner we were using. it went pretty well at first then we had to make a stair case. That did not go well. we started making supports. We made it a bit longer. We made a slide

Josh p4

Once we had planned out our scaled down model we started to make the palettes out of cardboard. We took a set square to try and make the right angles of the palettes. Then once we had made all of our pallets and made shore they all had a right angle, we need to assemble the den, we could have used a lot of glue, but we tried to use as little as possible, so we cut slots into the cardboard and slotted them together to make shore they would stand.

When we where making this scaled down model the skills we used were Creative thinking, problem solving, planing and organisations, communicating, leadership, Literacy, working with others, ICT, numeracy and practical skills.

Jess P7

Skills I used I used my Communication skills to talk to my group and my numeracy skills to measure. And we used our problem solving skills when we didn’t put a enough glue no the middle of the den. We solved this by putting more glue on.

Ben p5

My group face some problem like the up stairs kept falling down so we kept holding it down and count to twenty, to let the glue set. Also we were drawing right angles we used a set square to help us.

Alice p5

Personally I think we did brilliant because at first we where measuring pallets in meters to having this amazing den.

Jonah p6

We made models of dens. We went out side and measured the tarpaulins , pallets and crates. I learned to measure In metres and centimetres.
Then we came inside and typed the measurements up on numbers. We moved the measurements up to 100 to turn into centimetres and Divided them by ten. That would scale the sizes down.

Kirsty p5