Art Gallery

This Gallery is for the art the Biggies make by themselves, art made in lessons will be posted separately.

Symmetry By Rhuaridh

Miro – Rylan

Joan Miró Art

We did some Joan Miró art in brushes and this is mine I like how abstract it all is.

Merò art

disney Elsa by Zara

I did a drawing of Elsa from frozen.

Girl drawing on brushes by Hannah

The cycle of frogs – Emma

Tadpoles Tadpoles are weird looking creatures but cool at the same time. They have big heads and very long tails. The mother will lay thousands of tiny jelly covered eggs that look like dots. The tadpoles are born with gills like fish so they can breath under water where they live. The jelly eggs are … Continue reading “The cycle of frogs – Emma”

Falcon by Emily

By Jessica

My art

I have been doing some art at home because it’s a nice thing. I was watching some draw so cute vids and these are at I drew. Hope you like. the first one is a optical triangle illusion pretty cool huh. the second one is a unicorn lying down in a big soft fluffy cloud. … Continue reading “My art”



Emma’s tattoo Art

I was at home at I have these sketch books and one is a tattoo one so here are some of the tattoos I have drawn.

Baby reindeer by Heather

I traced this in brushes.

Rudolph by Heather


Parrot- Zara

My Disney Pictures by Alex 😜

My pictures that I drew alex

These are my pictures that I drew and I think that they are really good.

Alex art Cartoon Seahorse

I drew these animals by copying them off the internet and drawing them down Ipon a piece of paper.

Personal project durpy cat

Selena the Squirrel

This is a picture that I drew and it is a squirrel. She is called Selena the the squirrel by alex  

Wolf in the moonlight – Emily

Out in the shady blue – Emily

Rainbow behind-Emma

I made this in brushes and I traced myself from a photo I have. In the gardens and in front of a rainbow a beautiful world to be in.

Me in a galaxy – Zara

I made this in brushes.

With the black hole – Aaliyah

I traced this is brushes

Flying with nyan cat- Luke

I made this on brushes.

Out in Space – John

I made this in Brushes.

Aaliyah Op Art

Zara op art

Emma Art

I had left Over time in class so I chose to do art so I did a landscape picture on A4 piece of paper.


Traced by Luke


Traced with brushes

Op art By Zara

Selma by Luke

I made Selma  because I think she is funny.

By Aaliyah

I traced this on brushes

Batman bye Adam 😂😂😂😃

By Aaliyah

i traced this on brushes

Tractors by Fergie

Bart Simpson by Luke

I thought I would mak Bart because I like the simpsons

My art of the beach By Zara

i drawed a picture of the beach  

Hipster swag girl by alex

This is a picture of a hipster girl that I drew

Snowy day by Ellie

I did this picture on brushes  

Dog by Emily

I traced this on brushes.

Squidward dabbing

I made a picture of squidward dabbing because I thought it looked quite cool.

Dog by emma

I traced this on brushes.  

Homer by Alexander

I draw this in brushes.

Callum mclaren

Kissing fish by islay

I traced some kissing fish on brushes 

Traced by Aaliyah

I traced this on brushes.i put a picture and traced around it.

Cat trace by Alex

I traced and drew this cat on brushes 🐱

Labrador puppy By Ava

I traced this Labrador in Brushes Redux.

tractor by Fergie

I made this photo in brushes  

I made this cute dog on brushes

I put a picture of a dog in brushes and traced round it By zara

Batman picture by Adam

I traced this picture on brushes

Tiger face by John

I traced this tiger in brushes.

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