A visit from Balmalloch Digital Leaders

Last week we had a visit from Balmalloch Digital Leaders. These primary seven children help pupils and teachers in Balmalloch with digital learning.

They wanted to learn a bit about how the Biggies have been using their micro:bit. The Biggies helped them through the setting up of their micro:bits with their iPads an we walked through making a Rock, Paper, Sissors game with them, like this:

We also demonstrated our micro:bit voting system. This is nearly working!

It was good fun working with pupils from another school and to share some of our skills.

Thanks to Mrs Grant for the header image in this post. As it was a dress down day you can’t tell which school the pupils come from.

Outdoor learning Day November 2022

On Wednesday the Biggies had one of our outdoor learning days. We started with a treasure hunt to find words to treasure. We will share some of the words later on.

Then we worked on some measure for maths. We were measuring some of the pallets, tarps and other things we use for den building.

Finally we split into teams and built some dens. We ere working on our playing, leadership, communication, problem solving and practical skills.

A few days ago we as a class went out side and practiced using adjectives, nouns and verbs and how we did that was we described autumn on coloured paper basically to make a short poem.
For maths we done measuring and how we that was we brought out all of the different things in the shed and got partners to measure them in meter and centimetres.


Yesterday it was our outdoor day. We stared the day off by doing some literacy, at literacy we we got some pieces of paper, the thing on the front would show what ever we see that is in that category, adjective, noun or verb. Wwe would write on the back. A the end we made leaf drawings. put those word in it.
Then for maths we had gathered all the Palettes and tarps, we went in groups and we had to measure those items. after lunch we used all of those Items to make a den and the den which was the best won.


On Wednesday it was an out door leaning day and when we were doing maths we put out the pallets, planks and tadpoles we measured them and took a photo to show the measurements of the pallets, plank and tarpaulins. Alex

Wild Flower Seeding

Last week we took the next step in our Bee Hotel Project and planted the Bee Buffets with wild flower seeds. We will see what comes up in the spring.

We might try and make the hotel itself even more welcoming to insects as some will be wanting somewhere cosy to bed down for the winter.


thanks to the Rotary Club of Kilsyth for all their help with the project.

Halloween Image Editing

Before the Halloween party last Friday the Biggies got their photos taken against our green screen (A big bit of green cloth).

Today they remove the background from their pictures. They  used Keynote to create a layered image with their picture on a suitable background.  They then exported this to a jpeg image.

As well as creativity the class used their ICT skills. They are getting an understanding of layering and cropping, exporting images to a suitable format and beginning to understand using Creative commons images with attribution!

Click through to see the individual images:

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