Lockdown Learning W/B 11-01-2021

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Hi Biggies,

This is not the way I would want to start the term but I know you will do your best. We are going to start slowly making sure everyone can use the technology from home.

We will use this blog as the main way of listing the learning you will need to do. We will use Teams to hand in work and our e-Portfolios to think about and record important steps in learning.

You will be able to arrange to pick up your iPad if you need a device for school work. You all have been using Teams on your iPads in school, so should be able to use that to hand in work and come to meetings. If you have trouble with your own devices make sure you get your iPad.

We should be in a much better place for home learning this time. We have practiced adding work to Assignments in Teams, and you all have excellent ICT skills.

The most important thing you can do this week is to make a plan. You are going to need a couple of hours for learning every day, as well as time for any Teams meetings. You need to think where and when you are going to do this. Can you find a quiet space in your home? Can you make sure you have everything you need? It may help to make a schedule.

Please try to do all of the activities this week. It is not a full week’s work but it will let us troubleshoot any problems. Handing things in in Teams Assignments will be a good test of the technology. If you have problems we can find ways to work around things. Get in touch if you have any problems. You can chat in teams. Email me at gw09johnstonjohn4@glowmail.org.uk or your parent or carer can phone the school and I will phone them back.

teams iconWe will try 3 teams meetings: Monday 2pm, Wednesday 2pm and Friday 11 am. These will be short this week, just to explain things and to check everyone can get connected and that the technology is working.

If you need more work you can head over to the NLC digital classroom. Your parents or carers will have the code and details to let you join that team. You can send me work in Teams if you want me to see what you have done.

Week Beginning 11 January 2021
Literacy Maths H&WB Other


Green & Blue Groups

Yellow Group

Daily Practice

Measure Revision

Our Shanarri word for January is Active

P.E design a set of 5 exercises for yourself..

IDL: Mary Queen of Scots 



This week: please post to your e-Portfolio your plans for lockdown learning. Where you will work, and how you will organise your time.


Reading Green & Blue Groups

This week: spend some time in the epic library. Read some short books and browse through the library.

By the end of the week you should have chosen a chapter book that you want to read.
Go to Search, then choose Books.  In the English Language Arts section there is a Chapter Books & Novels section. Find one you like.
Do this Prior Knowledge Exercise.
You can choose a book of your own that you have not read if you like.

Reading Yellow Group

There are 2 books assigned to you in Epic. Open the app and find the books.

    • Monday: listen to one of the books. Make a list of any tricky words.
    • Tuesday: Read the book you listened to on Monday aloud. Write sentences with the tricky words you found on Monday.
    • Wednesday: Listen to the other book. Draw a picture to go with the book. Write the book’s title below your picture.
    • Thursday: Read the second book aloud.
    • Friday: Choose a page or two that you like from one of the books and record yourself reading in Voice Memos. Email the audio to me. Help on emailing audio.


Maths Daily Practice

Daily Practice, do this at least. If you think you are weak at something do more (eg tables!!)
Monday: Gimme Some Sums: Do 1 addition, 1 subtraction, 1 multiplication and 1 division sum. Choose ones that you can do but are not too easy.
Tuesday: Sumdog
Wednesday: Do a Speed Test for your tables.
Thursday: Sumdog
Friday: Free Choice of above


Maths Measure Revision

Before Christmas we were learning about measure, length, area, perimeter and volume.

Here is a video going over the concepts. Please do the worksheets below and submit them to Assignments in our class Team.




You can find more help on these topics (and try the quizzes):

There are some good short videso to watch on BBC bitesize: Measurement BBC Bitesize



We are going to studying Mary Queen of Scots this term.

Watch this BBC video. What does that make you think of Mary? Make some notes and bring them to the Team meeting on Friday.

What do you know about Mary ? Does anyone in your family know anything? Make notes and bring them to the Team meeting on Friday.



Revise your French numbers 70-100 by watching this video:

Now, write these numbers in French: 81, 75, 99, 87, 100, 73, 84 and 92. Try to write them without looking at the video!



Design a set of 5 exercises for yourself.
Do them every day, see how many you can do in a minute.
Make a table to record them in your jotter or Notes.
Do you get better as the week goes on?
Hand in the table on Friday afternoon in the Team’s Assignment.

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