Micro:bit Halloween Challange

We had our Halloween party on Friday afternoon, hopefully we will post some costume pictures next week. On Friday Morning the Biggies had a microbit coding challenge.

The idea was to make the micro:bit show a face on the pumpkin if one button was pressed, a ghost if the other one was pressed. The next part was to scare the ghost away with a noise.

As you can see from the video the pupils rose to the challenge.

Abstract Landscapes

As part of our topic on Scottish Landscapes we did some painting. We looked at the work of Artist Katherine Sandoz.
and photos of Scottish Landscapes like this:Ilse of Skye Landscape

We abstracted the shapes and intensified the colours to make some interesting images (click for a larger version):

gird of pupils paintingsThe next step will be to edit our images digitally and see if we can improve or change them.

Busy Biggies, Moving a Ton

Last session the biggies made a bee hotel and started making small gardens to act as a bee cafe.

Last week we had a ton of soil delivered to fill up our gardens. Despite the rain The biggies got down to work this afternoon and moved the ton of soil into the gardens.

Today in school we when outside and put down the little wooden gardens.
We set the up got a wheelbarrow, 2 shovels and buckets then started.
Mr Johnston took off the cover of the soil and turn after turn children got to scoop soil into people’s buckets.
It started raining no child cared but Mr Johnston did, with the buckets we had full of soil we dumped in the little wooden gardens and filled them up, We filled up all three little wooden gardens to the top. In the end we were all muddy and wet.

Olivia Rose

This afternoon we continued on our project with the Kilsyth rotary club. After lunch we came into the class and sat down like normal. After that we had to get suited and booted (as some people would say.)

After we got ‘suited and booted,’ we headed outside to finally take the tarp away from the massive ton of dirt. We adventured the playground getting buckets and shovels for the bug buffets (as it was named.)

Today we put soil into our buckets and filed them up . We did it to help climate and bees were going to plant wild flowers in the buckets for the Bees to eat the-pollen soon . The soil vanished after we put all the soil in them.

This afternoon me and my class last year made collars for bee restaurants. There was 3 groups when we did this 2 of the groups just did grass and trees and 1 group did bees in space. But last year the soil didn’t come in time so we had to fill them up today. We all took shots of filling the buckets. When we were finished filling the buckets we poured them in to the collars. When we came inside we had to wash up and take our water proofs off.

We got a delivery of a ton of soil, an actual ton, and we filled up the bee buffets that the Biggies made last year. We will plant wild flowers in them so the bees can collect the pollen.

This afternoon me and my classmates where making bee restaurants. Last year some of the people from this class made a bee hotel and they painted planks of wood to make the bee restaurants. So then the soil got delivered a few days ago. Then today we filled buckets up with soil and when we finished filling them up we poured them in to the collars and then when we where finished we washed our hands and then took our water proofs off.

Micro:bit dice

We had a short micro:bit lesson today. In maths everyone is quite enthusiastic about Dice Wars. making dice seemed like a good idea.

Some of the children even learnt how to embed the simulator to show their code on their e-Portfolios. I can borrow a few, with permission, to show you:

Here is Harry’s give it a shake.

And Hollie’s added a wee emoji check

Josh’s dice goes all the way up to 9!

For some of the class this was a bit of micro revision for others it was their first use of decision (if) Blocks.

here is the code Harry used:

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