Scratching with P1-2

On Wednesday the Biggies went to Primary 1-2 to teach them a little about ScratchJr. This is a programming app for younger users. The Biggies have experience with coding with Scratch itself, micro:bits and Arcade.

Both ethe Biggies and the P1-2 workeked really hard and had a ton of fun. Some of the Biggies wrote about it on their e-portfolios so I’ve taken some quotes.

I learnt how to explain to use scrachJr to younger people and also how fun it is to use ScratchJr.I think we all used a few good different skills but I used ICT, problem solving and leadership I think I was good at all the skills I used. I loved working with the wee ones it was really fun I loved there watching the little films they were all so good.


We did use a lot of our skills to do the project of teaching the p 1/2’s to be able to use JR For p1/2 it can be a bit hard for them but we weren’t long in teaching them how to use scratchJR. We used of our skills to do so we had to use communication and our own ICT skills. And all in all it was a good chance to work with the p1/2 team.


We had to make a film or a scene it was so fun with the primary 1/2 . One of the primary one was making a car crash or float about in an iceberg it was so FUNNY.


This week we worked with primary 1/2 on ScratchJr we were teaching them how to move characters and make them say things. I liked working with the little ones and teaching them how to use ScratchJr because it was really fun and whatever they had they were happy with it. I also enjoyed it because Evie was always thinking ahead. I learned that the primary 2s were already really good at ScratchJr and that it wasn’t me teaching Evie it turned into Evie teaching me.


More pictures on the Bairn’s Blog.

Arcade Fun

Yesterday the class joined in with the Create-a-long session broadcast in Teams by Digital NL and Education Scotland as part of #CSScotland23.

We had a bit of bother with the sound, so had get caught up this morning.

The session showed how to make a simple maze game with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. The class changed the games a little to have a Christmas theme, we hope to use them at our Christmas Farye.

I was impressed by how easily the class managed to work around any problems. Their experience with micro:bit coding and scratch helped.

After we finished the game we started loading them onto our kitronic arcade devices. This took a bit of patience as our AirDrop has become flaky recently.

A montage of screenshots  some makecode arcade games.
Screenshot of the games online

The children have lots of ideas on how to extend the games and are exploring the tutorials to find other ones that we can use. Here are links to some of the games. I’ve not got links of them all yet.

Banton Biggies Podcast Episode 7

One on our podcast the class has just posted a new episode. The first this session.

BBP episode 7

The class worked really hard and independently on creating this.

From scripting when we hard a brilliant literacy session, class showed iron concentration, talking, listening and editing for flow. Working on expression and talking for an audience.

And recording.

to making musical ‘stings’ and editing the audio.

And finally Publishing.

A visit from Balmalloch Digital Leaders

Last week we had a visit from Balmalloch Digital Leaders. These primary seven children help pupils and teachers in Balmalloch with digital learning.

They wanted to learn a bit about how the Biggies have been using their micro:bit. The Biggies helped them through the setting up of their micro:bits with their iPads an we walked through making a Rock, Paper, Sissors game with them, like this:

We also demonstrated our micro:bit voting system. This is nearly working!

It was good fun working with pupils from another school and to share some of our skills.

Thanks to Mrs Grant for the header image in this post. As it was a dress down day you can’t tell which school the pupils come from.

Halloween Image Editing

Before the Halloween party last Friday the Biggies got their photos taken against our green screen (A big bit of green cloth).

Today they remove the background from their pictures. They  used Keynote to create a layered image with their picture on a suitable background.  They then exported this to a jpeg image.

As well as creativity the class used their ICT skills. They are getting an understanding of layering and cropping, exporting images to a suitable format and beginning to understand using Creative commons images with attribution!

Click through to see the individual images:

Micro:bit Halloween Challange

We had our Halloween party on Friday afternoon, hopefully we will post some costume pictures next week. On Friday Morning the Biggies had a microbit coding challenge.

The idea was to make the micro:bit show a face on the pumpkin if one button was pressed, a ghost if the other one was pressed. The next part was to scare the ghost away with a noise.

As you can see from the video the pupils rose to the challenge.

Micro:bit dice

We had a short micro:bit lesson today. In maths everyone is quite enthusiastic about Dice Wars. making dice seemed like a good idea.

Some of the children even learnt how to embed the simulator to show their code on their e-Portfolios. I can borrow a few, with permission, to show you:

Here is Harry’s give it a shake.

And Hollie’s added a wee emoji check

Josh’s dice goes all the way up to 9!

For some of the class this was a bit of micro revision for others it was their first use of decision (if) Blocks.

here is the code Harry used:

Pendulum Art in the Gallery

Last week some of the class worked in the playground to make some pendulum Art:

It was great fun and the results looked amazing when wet.

The pictures dried out and went a wee bit dull. We decided to brighten them up using snapseed on our iPads. We then put our pictures on the wall and looked at them. Can you work out how we did it?

Arcade Adventures

The biggies have has a few sessions making games for their Kitronix Arcades using Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Today I asked them to make a few notes about what they learnt and the mistakes they made. Making mistake is an important part of coding.

Here are some of the note the class made made:

Today in primary 6/7 our class worked on our ICT skills using an online game marker called Microsoft Arcade.

We all did different things, life, turkey day and save the forest. But I did shark attack!

For the first part of my game I had to make the shark move. To do that I had to put in pieces of code like, sprite position x = y, move sprite with buttons. One of the more important pieces of code that you needed for everything else to work was “on start”.


In Arcade we made lots of games by following specifically made instructions which was Fun, Hard and Challenging and I made mistakes along the way.
One mistake I made was I did not change one number to 115 but I changed it because I did realise so don’t worry it now works perfect now.


In my program I learned more about the logic section and about the if and else code.
In my program I was making a fly and a frog and if your fly overlaps the frog then you get If not you lose health and you have a timer when the timer end you win.

In my program l learned how to use more code. In it you will have to press button A and you will have to move the joy stick things to move you have to collect the baby turkey.


Today I learned how to make a talent show in arcade.
I added stars that came out when you pressed the a button, I added a message that tells you to press button a and added a sprite that is a bear singing.
I read through all the steps and completed 3 so that means I only need to do one more.
One mistake was that I added a different sprite instead of the one I needed to add, but I just changed it again and it worked!
This skill map was really easy and fun to make and I am enjoying making the code and putting it together.


I used my ICT skills when I was making a game from coding.
When I was making my game I used loops, sprites and location. I messed up and it started glitching my sprite and it would teleport. I fixed that and kept going it ended out being pretty good. When I made my mistake i fixed it by looking back over the instructions.

By Hazel

I learned how to debug some of my code when I made some mistakes . When you are playing it I also learned how to make my character jump and move about. When I was making my game when you fell I got the camera to follow the sprite. There was one mistake that I learned from that is that I put in the wrong variable and had to go over the entire code again until I found it.

Rhuaridh A

What I am doing here is I am trying to get a turkey to save the other turkeys and get to the top of the scores. I have learned how to set a timer, to increase my score by 1, how to make a sprite move and how to add sprites. One mistake I made was that I forgot to set the winning screen at the top of the course, but I set it to the bottom so it said I had won at the start of the game.

By Kristy

We have been learning how to make code on a piece of software. This software has been showing us some tutorials on how to make some games with the codes we learn.

This is one of the games I did, I learned how to change my background of my game. I also learned how to change my sprite and create one by myself.

Another thing I learned was how to add text and how to make the text go on different position on my screen. One more thing I learned was how to make different parts of my screen do an affect like, confetti, fire, smiles and many more.

A mistake I made was I did not read the instructions properly and not understand what it said, so I went back and read it again slowly and I then understood what it said.

By Alice

I have learned how to make a point System. When every You pick up an instrument You get a point but when You find a fan You loss a point.
I even made a way to win the game. By finding the exit door you win the game but if the timer hits zero you loss the game.
There is a start place too. You will start at a blue door. I’ve made controls to let you go up, right, down and left.
I made one mistake by not make the fans/ instrument disappear when pick up.


I have learned that coding has lots of categories to put into the code, like maths, controls, and much more. With coding, you can create sprites, and make your own websites, or even games. I use my ICT skills in coding. I made a mistake and I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it wouldn’t let the code run so I had to restart.


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