Pendulum Art in the Gallery

Last week some of the class worked in the playground to make some pendulum Art:

It was great fun and the results looked amazing when wet.

The pictures dried out and went a wee bit dull. We decided to brighten them up using snapseed on our iPads. We then put our pictures on the wall and looked at them. Can work out how we did it?

Arcade Adventures

The biggies have has a few sessions making games for their Kitronix Arcades using Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Today I asked them to make a few notes about what they learnt and the mistakes they made. Making mistake is an important part of coding.

Here are some of the note the class made made:

Today in primary 6/7 our class worked on our ICT skills using an online game marker called Microsoft Arcade.

We all did different things, life, turkey day and save the forest. But I did shark attack!

For the first part of my game I had to make the shark move. To do that I had to put in pieces of code like, sprite position x = y, move sprite with buttons. One of the more important pieces of code that you needed for everything else to work was “on start”.


In Arcade we made lots of games by following specifically made instructions which was Fun, Hard and Challenging and I made mistakes along the way.
One mistake I made was I did not change one number to 115 but I changed it because I did realise so don’t worry it now works perfect now.


In my program I learned more about the logic section and about the if and else code.
In my program I was making a fly and a frog and if your fly overlaps the frog then you get If not you lose health and you have a timer when the timer end you win.

In my program l learned how to use more code. In it you will have to press button A and you will have to move the joy stick things to move you have to collect the baby turkey.


Today I learned how to make a talent show in arcade.
I added stars that came out when you pressed the a button, I added a message that tells you to press button a and added a sprite that is a bear singing.
I read through all the steps and completed 3 so that means I only need to do one more.
One mistake was that I added a different sprite instead of the one I needed to add, but I just changed it again and it worked!
This skill map was really easy and fun to make and I am enjoying making the code and putting it together.


I used my ICT skills when I was making a game from coding.
When I was making my game I used loops, sprites and location. I messed up and it started glitching my sprite and it would teleport. I fixed that and kept going it ended out being pretty good. When I made my mistake i fixed it by looking back over the instructions.

By Hazel

I learned how to debug some of my code when I made some mistakes . When you are playing it I also learned how to make my character jump and move about. When I was making my game when you fell I got the camera to follow the sprite. There was one mistake that I learned from that is that I put in the wrong variable and had to go over the entire code again until I found it.

Rhuaridh A

What I am doing here is I am trying to get a turkey to save the other turkeys and get to the top of the scores. I have learned how to set a timer, to increase my score by 1, how to make a sprite move and how to add sprites. One mistake I made was that I forgot to set the winning screen at the top of the course, but I set it to the bottom so it said I had won at the start of the game.

By Kristy

We have been learning how to make code on a piece of software. This software has been showing us some tutorials on how to make some games with the codes we learn.

This is one of the games I did, I learned how to change my background of my game. I also learned how to change my sprite and create one by myself.

Another thing I learned was how to add text and how to make the text go on different position on my screen. One more thing I learned was how to make different parts of my screen do an affect like, confetti, fire, smiles and many more.

A mistake I made was I did not read the instructions properly and not understand what it said, so I went back and read it again slowly and I then understood what it said.

By Alice

I have learned how to make a point System. When every You pick up an instrument You get a point but when You find a fan You loss a point.
I even made a way to win the game. By finding the exit door you win the game but if the timer hits zero you loss the game.
There is a start place too. You will start at a blue door. I’ve made controls to let you go up, right, down and left.
I made one mistake by not make the fans/ instrument disappear when pick up.


I have learned that coding has lots of categories to put into the code, like maths, controls, and much more. With coding, you can create sprites, and make your own websites, or even games. I use my ICT skills in coding. I made a mistake and I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it wouldn’t let the code run so I had to restart.


Scratch Challange

This week we had a scratch challenge.

I asked the children to make a sprite in scratch that would draw a random rectangle every time it was clicked. Bonus points for asking what the Area was and then checking the answer. Lots of us managed to work out how to draw random rectangles, but Kaitlyn was the first one to get a working solution.  She used lots of skills, using variables, comparison, repeats and operations! She show she was a problem solver and and independent learner.

The Green flag will give you a new question.

Get Schooled on Climate Change

During COP 26 the Biggies were invited to contribute to digital book, passed from school to school for COP26. The children had to explain where they though and were doing about climate change and who inspired them. That had to do this in digital formats, audio and video. As I expected the Biggies did a great job, using their creativity and digital skills. Everyone can view the ‘book’ online now.

It has been selected by the Book Creator team to add to their ‘Social Studies’ library. It’s sitting on the bookshelf alongside other examples & sample of various history, geography and other social science books made by students around the world.

Save The Sharks COP 26  Code Along Project

The Biggies joined in the @digilearnscot and @CodeClubScot COP 26  Code Along Project. We joined in a Teams call with Schools from across Scotland to create a game in Scratch. This week we added some finishing touches to the games and published them. You can play them by clicking the thumbnails below.

by Skye
by Rhuaridh
by Kaitlyn
by Alfred
by Grace
by Charlie John
by Lara
by Kristy
by Josh
by Hollie Johnston
by Elise
by Hazel
by Rhuraidh M
by Tanyaradzwa muza
by Alice
by Ben



Butterfly Gardens

Yesterday the Biggies joined in with 3000 other children learning Scratch from an expert. This was part of @digiLearnScot and @CodeClubScot’s #COP26 ‘Code-Along’ you can click on the thumbnails to see the results.

The topic was around the importance of polinators like butterflies and beets.

This was a great refresh of our Scratch skills, covering random and forever loops.

You can see some of the children’ animations in action by clicking the thumbnails.

by Grace
by Rhuraidh M
by Rhuaridh
by Ben
by Kristy
by Alfred
by Josh
by Skye
by Elise
by Charlie John
by Alice
by Tanyaradzwa muza
by Caelan
by Lara
by Hazel

Paper Plate Skulls

We took an idea from Darrell Wakelam to make some Day of the Dead skulls from paper plates.

We then took it a bit further taking photos of ourselves in front of the green screen. In Keynote we added backgrounds, our pictures and photos of our masks.

We used instant alpha to remove backgrounds to create interesting pictures.

A bit of fun but learning about layers and opacity. We also got the images from unsplash so they are copyright free. We also read about the the Day of the dead festival.

We told Darrell we had used his idea and this is what he said:

The First Lego League

The Primary Sevens along with Caelan from p6 have been working really hard this term on the First Lego League Challenge :

FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams are introduced to a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on. The robotics part of the competition involves designing and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots to complete tasks. The students work out a solution to a problem related to the theme (changes every year) and then meet for regional, national and international tournaments to compete, share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots.


Their team is called the Cog Cats.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The challenge has involved an incredible amount of hard work. Along with the robot challenges went an innovation project where the children had to design a solution to the problem of keeping people active.

The group were also judged on their core values of:

  • DISCOVERY – Team explored new skills and ideas.
  • INNOVATION – Team used creativity and persistence to solve problems
  • IMPACT – Team applied what they learned to improve their world.
  • INCLUSION – Team demonstrated respect and embraced their differences
  • TEAMWORK – Team clearly showed they had worked as a team throughout their journey.
  • FUN – Teams clearly had fun and celebrated what they have achieved

The group have worked on this all term working very independently and show an amazing amount of resilience. Both in the robot challenges and the innovation project the children have had to repeatedly iterate on their work, improving and testing each time.

They have exemplified the school values of Respect, Responsibility Resilience & Compassion

On Thursday 17th June we went along to the virtual South of Scotland heats. The group had to run their robot through the challenges, present on their innovation project and answer questions on their core values.

Although we did not win our heat, we were delighted to be the winners in the Core Values section. I think this victory show what we already know about this primary seven they are pretty decent kids!

Follow the line to Creativity

The Primary sixes have been working on programming their micro:bits to follow a line. We added a bit of creativity to the coding by designing tracks to give the bots some character: disco dances, dogs and more.

The class also were creative in their movie making:

We will add the rest of the videos when they are finished.

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