Junior Sports Leader’s – Hannah & Aaron

What it’s about

Junior sports leader’s is a club of p5-7’s getting coached to coach the p1-4’s to be more active and have fun.

Session 1

Julie from active schools came in to talk to us about how to be a Junior Sports Leader. We got booklets of how to be a junior sports leader. Julie quickly ran through session 1 of the booklet and then she teaches us some warm up games like Tig, What’s the time Mr Wolf and other games.

Session 2

Now Julie went onto the main games like Ice Cube where we couldn’t be seen moving. And we obviously had to start with a warmup game which was tig and we also made our own obstacle courses. And then we tidied up and we are to do session 2 in our little booklet.

The snail eggs

Today we found eggs out in our playground. at 8:54 before the bell went me and my friend were looking for robins but we were also looking for bugs we moved something and we found eggs. I thought they were seeds but my friend said NO THEY ARE NOT SEEDS THEY ARE EGGS!!!!!

So we got the teacher or playground helper. She came to lift the eggs up and move them into a net then we brought them into class to show our teacher then we searched up to see what eggs they where. I thought they were slug eggs and I was right they are slug or snail eggs they will hatch in two to four weeks. We put the eggs in a container so we can get a magnifying glass to look at them they are really see through we can’t find the mother yet.
Aaliyah and Emily