Things we Love and Hate

More poems this week.

We have been reading Edwin Morgans Poem: A view of things. We worked on our own poems. We enjoyed the lack of punctuation and made some great images with words.

Poems on the Table

We have been reading Table a poem by Turkish poet Edip Cansever translated by Richard Tillinghast. The class have been writing their own poem basted on the ‘shape’ of this poem. Click the titles to read the poems.

The featured image on this post is Our Table by cogdog on Flickr shared as Public domain

Fire Pit Fun 🔥

Yesterday we had a fire in the playground for this to go ahead we had to sit at the fire pit and we needed to have the right equipment.
So we fixed the logs at the fire pit and got water kindling and the first aid kit.
With all that we where ready to start so me and Aaron cut the kindling while Lara laid a bed of kindling. Then we made a triangle of kindling because triangles are a sturdy object with all that we where ready to go.

So we started the fire using flint and steal and then it got smokey which got annoying but I got use to it.
We got a stick and put a marshmallow and apple on it we roasted them but before we did we needed to ask to approach the fire.
The marshmallow and apple tasted really good.after that we sat and chatted for a bit and then Mr Johnston put the fire out and that was it.

I enjoyed the fire and food I’m happy and appreciative about us being able to go out and have a fire.

Yesterday, the primary 6 & 7 went out to cook marshmallows and apples in the fire.

In the afternoon we all went out to have a fire at the fire pit we all went outside and got the fire ready.

First we got a fire king or queen. Kaitlyn was the fire queen. Lara made the fire bed using kindling Me and Jonah cut up. To start the fire we all went around in a circle lighting sparks to see who could light the fire. Kristy got the bests spark so we got some bog cotton and some wood and lit to on fire we flung it in the bed and we could already smell the fire.

After a few minutes we went inside and grabbed our own sticks and trapped one of each marshmallow and apple slice. We attached them to our sticks and went back into the fire circle. Half of the people approached the fire and cooked the marshmallow most people burnt there’s but some people got it a Krispy golden brown. Brown makes it delicious. My apple got burnt so I couldn’t eat it. Kaitlyn let go her apple and accidentally dropped it in the fire.

After we eat all the lovely food we all had circle time and showed how we felt. But everyone got to choose what question they wanted and we went around the circle and finished up.

We plan on making on other one soon we all had an amazing time outside and I hope you enjoyed my story of the fire pit.

By Aaron & Jonah.

Mandala Design 8.9.20

Mandala Designs

Yesterday we were told to make Mandala designs. Mandala Designs are like circles with loads of different designs. Some of the designs are very very cool.

How to make them

You can make them by drawing a dot in the middle of the page.
Then you draw a circle round the dot.
Next you draw eight lines round the circle.
Then you can start to put letters on the lines and keep on working your way out with loads of different letters.
For example you could do your name as one.

Why people make them

People make them to do yoga and to do relaxing things and to think about things because people make them light up. And people really enjoy the calmness of them.


I liked drawing the Mandala Designs because it was fun, and they looked very cool.


Highlights This week: pretty decent kids

Circle Time

We started working on our discussions skills last Friday around the Firepit and have continued this week. Talking about feelings and well being and our lockdown experiences. We have been working on making Talking Sticks, which are looking good. We hope to have some photos on the blog as soon as we have finished.

When talking about class rules, and why we don’t make a big thing of them, I asked the children why. Ben gave the answer,

because we are pretty decent kids

Today we thought about the qualities of Pretty Decent Kids. We used Keynote to illustrate these words.

Swingpark Sign Design

Swingpark Sign Design

We heard that Jonah won the Play Park Design a Sign Competition and on Thursday the primary sevens (plus Grace) went down to the park to meet The Provost, and other North Lanarkshire dignitaries along with representatives from the Banton Park Committee. You can read more on the Banton School site.

Blended Bird Art

We have been working on using our coloured pencils to create gradients and blends of colour. We look at examples of pictures by Richard Spare who works in dry point and water colours. We took some of the ideas and made our pictures using coloured pencils and charcoal. Here are a random selection you can see them all on the Art Gallery

Bird art by Rhea Mary Ann Morton
Great Tit by User deactivated
Bird art 🖼 by Rhuaridh

Alligator, Alligator

Last week we read ALLIGATOR PIE by Dennis Lee. The then wrote and illustrated our own versions for the p1-3 to listen to and read. We made a video for them to watch:

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