BBP means Banton Biggies podcast.

Soon Banton biggies will have a podcast for you to listen to. We hope you listen and like it. We will have new site for you to go to listen to all of them and learn more.

To make the podcast have been put to groups like Production management, Publicity, edit, sponsorship, graphics, web team, fact checking and recording.

We have only just started but it will be soon, we promise.

So we hope you listen to us please.

Tell more people you know to listen to too.

We update with our progress soon.

Pond Dipping

On Wednesday the 22nd of may bug life people came in to take us to Banton loch to go pond dipping. When we got there we all got our things there was nets, little tubs, plastic spoons and trays. We had to be put into partners I was with Emily and Rhea was with Hannah. We were all digging around to see if we could find anything we found many creature like tadpoles.


Here are some picture we drew and facts we found out:

Freshwater shrimp by Zara

They can grow up to 11mm so they are quite small. There scientific name is a gammarus and you can see them all year round. They are in the uk and they don’t live very long the live about 9 to 12 months. You mostly see them in slow streams and sometimes in ponds and … Continue reading “Freshwater shrimp by Zara”

The cycle of frogs – Emma

Tadpoles Tadpoles are weird looking creatures but cool at the same time. They have big heads and very long tails. The mother will lay thousands of tiny jelly covered eggs that look like dots. The tadpoles are born with gills like fish so they can breath under water where they live. The jelly eggs are … Continue reading “The cycle of frogs – Emma”

Water boatman – Islay

There is 300 species of waterboat man. water boatmen are dark brown.  There legs are in the middle and at the front of my body. Water boatmen live in lochs and rivers. Water boatmen are herbivores. Water boa men eat algae. Water boatmen bite. 

Mayfly – Emily

Mayfly larva This is a drawing of the mayfly larva we found in Banton Loch. The mayflies fly to mate and after mating they lay their eggs then die by the end of the day. May flys consume algae during the larva stage. Adults do not have functioning mouths and do not eat. May flies … Continue reading “Mayfly – Emily”

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