Playground Picnic & Play

This term of The Biggies Health & Wellbeing work included  being part of a group in a range of situations and enjoying  eating a diversity of foods in a range of social situations. We combined these by organising a “picnic” for the whole school.

The class spent the morning baking cookies and dipping strawberries in chocolate. After lunch they made smoothies.

The class then brought the whole school out into mixed groups served up the food and encourages some conservation.

After they had tidied up the Biggies used their Junior Leader training to lead the groups through some fun and healthy games. The other children rotated  through the groups lead by the Junior Leaders and had a great time.

We could see that all the team work we have been doing this session has really paid off. The Biggies took their responsibilities seriously with out losing a sense of fun doing a great job all day.


On Thursday Afternoon the biggies were working on the Shanari indicator Respect. We were thinking about Team Work, in particular how our problem solving and communication skills fit in.

The class were spilt into random groups and worked their way through several tasks. They did a great job, all scoring highly. Everyone could identify times they had listened and worked together.

We also had fun.

4 Words – What do you want from school?

Today I asked the children what they wanted from school this session in 4 words (hat tip to Mr Minchen on twitter for the idea).

14 Fun
7 Cooking
5 Creativity
4 Gym
3 Independence
3 History
3 Art
2 Smartness
2 Learn
2 Fires
2 Education
1 Work
1 Woods
1 Maths
1 Knowledge
1 Interest
1 Hope
1 Happiness
1 Gymnastics
1 Food
1 Fitness
1 Baking
1 A’S
1 Achievements

Junior Sports Leader’s – Hannah & Aaron

What it’s about

Junior sports leader’s is a club of p5-7’s getting coached to coach the p1-4’s to be more active and have fun.

Session 1

Julie from active schools came in to talk to us about how to be a Junior Sports Leader. We got booklets of how to be a junior sports leader. Julie quickly ran through session 1 of the booklet and then she teaches us some warm up games like Tig, What’s the time Mr Wolf and other games.

Session 2

Now Julie went onto the main games like Ice Cube where we couldn’t be seen moving. And we obviously had to start with a warmup game which was tig and we also made our own obstacle courses. And then we tidied up and we are to do session 2 in our little booklet.

Tremendous Teamwork

A couple of day ago our teacher was giving us a lesson about teamwork. we had to create a algorithm with our hands and then write a very nice poster for others to learn from. We worked in threes but they were randomised partners, we had to learn to compromise and share our ideas with one another.

Top Tips for team work

Talking to each other
Listing to each other
Agreeing with with each other
Discussing each other’s ideas 💡
Looking at each other
Be patient

By Aaliyah and Islay

Cheerleading and hip hop dancing

As part of health week somebody came in to do hip hop dancing and cheerleading.

When we did the cheerleading we went into three lines and then we went into a pinball shape. We did some cool shapes and tricks and we got to use the Pom poms as we moved we had to shake them. When we did everything together it looked very cool.

We also did hip hop dancing for the rest of the time that was also fun. There was some cool tricks we had to do with our hands it was a bit tricky but fun.

Everybody enjoyed doing the dancing and cheerleading.

Heart start

On Tuesday primary 4,5,6,7 learned how to do heart start with Mrs Rae.

The first thing we did was watch two fake videos about helping an unconscious person and a conscious person.

The first step was look around for danger then ask the person if there are ok.

Then shout for help if the person does not respond. Next check if the person is breathing by putting your hand on the persons four head and putting your other two pictures on the persons chin. Now Push the head back and put your cheek close to the persons face to see if you can here or feel then breathing.  Then put the person in the recovery passion by putting there right arm at a right angle and bringing the left  arm over and putting it on the cheek closest to you. Then bring the left leg over the right leg.  Then phone an ambulance and answer all of the questions the person asks you.

Mrs Rae said we could test it out on a friend I did it with Zara and we were just laughing but we did get it done. 

Rugby festival

Today we went to the rugby festival at st Patrick’s primary school. There was lots of schools there like chapel green, Banton primary, st Patrick’s and more.

Firstly we got split into Banton 1 and Banton 2 we were only allowed seven people in each team so some people had to be back up people. The field that we were playing on was so much bigger than we were used to. Both teams had 2 rounds so we had 4 games between us. We went up against other schools and had lots of fun and I think we did very well scoring tries.

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