Heart start

On Tuesday primary 4,5,6,7 learned how to do heart start with Mrs Rae.

The first thing we did was watch two fake videos about helping an unconscious person and a conscious person.

The first step was look around for danger then ask the person if there are ok.

Then shout for help if the person does not respond. Next check if the person is breathing by putting your hand on the persons four head and putting your other two pictures on the persons chin. Now Push the head back and put your cheek close to the persons face to see if you can here or feel then breathing.  Then put the person in the recovery passion by putting there right arm at a right angle and bringing the left  arm over and putting it on the cheek closest to you. Then bring the left leg over the right leg.  Then phone an ambulance and answer all of the questions the person asks you.

Mrs Rae said we could test it out on a friend I did it with Zara and we were just laughing but we did get it done. 

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