Chicks being born in school

Chicks being born   

Mrs. Grey came in with some eggs they were Aracana eggs they were only one of them born it was hugging and helping the other chicks come out of there shells. She brought them in a incubator to keep them warm otherwise they will dry out and wouldn’t be born. In the incubator there was water too so the eggs would be wet and it would help them hatch.

They were starting to hatch today because they have been in the incubator for three weeks they were pecking little holes in the shell so it would be able stretch its self so it could come out. Before that there were loads of signs like you could here it pecking, cheaping and chirping they role around as well so the can move in the shell. The yoke in the shell is disappeared inside the little chick so that will give it enough energy to move its self. We all went through in groups we learned so much by watching and asking Mrs. Grey questions.

By the time we were through seeing them hatch and roll around one of the eggs were hatching it was pecking the egg shell and chirping after a wee bit it hatched just before we went for playtime and it was rolling about it didn’t look the nicest but that was because the shell was wet and so was the chick.

We enjoyed watching he chick being born the other chicks started to roll around and one started to peck the shell too it was fun.

The snail eggs

Today we found eggs out in our playground. at 8:54 before the bell went me and my friend were looking for robins but we were also looking for bugs we moved something and we found eggs. I thought they were seeds but my friend said NO THEY ARE NOT SEEDS THEY ARE EGGS!!!!!

So we got the teacher or playground helper. She came to lift the eggs up and move them into a net then we brought them into class to show our teacher then we searched up to see what eggs they where. I thought they were slug eggs and I was right they are slug or snail eggs they will hatch in two to four weeks. We put the eggs in a container so we can get a magnifying glass to look at them they are really see through we can’t find the mother yet.
Aaliyah and Emily

The Pub

The Pub: People United Banton

Mr. Hastie who is a architect came into the school to ask us about ideas for the Pub.

He is working on ideas to improve the PUB.

We went to the hall and listened to what he had to say.

Some things people wanted were soft plays, fresh food, post office, cafes and sitting areas. Some people drew what they wanted. He said some of our ideas were the same as the adults ideas.

They told us that they met up with the adults so they could get the adults ideas too. They were pictures up on the display board So we got a strip of stickers to put on the pictures. We voted for what we thought was best, there were loads on wifi.

We then had to think of ways of making money. I thought it was a good idea to get parcels delivered there. Then you would have to pay to get it delivered there then they would get the money.

Mr Hastie said he’s going to consider the ideas it was an amazing time and we all enjoyed it.

bye Emma and Zara 🏵🦄

Walk down Dows wood

Last Wednesday the biggies went a walk down dows woods. It was quite a nice day. We saw lots of different things. On the way To the woods we saw ash trees with helicopters people were throwing them about. We then got down to the start of the woods there was loads of squishy mud. It was quite dark at some points because of all the trees were above us

We walked down a bit further there was some fire weed I got a picture of a bee on one of them. As we were walking people were picking up brambles and leaves. We found a rainbow leaf. Whatever group got the most leaves got group points. We then saw 2 butterflies they were a red admiral and a peacock. Mr Johnston got a really good photo of them.

We then had to turn back because we didn’t know how long it would take and we didn’t have much time left. On the grass we found a road it was so small. We then kept going and we eventually got back to the start and we went back to the school and saw the things we collected. We looked at the pictures we took some of them were really nice. We had had a great walk and then we had to get lunch.

Our Den

Our den!

In side our den we have 2 pallets and 2 sticks a cover for the floor a box for the sign a bench to keep it up. We have to seats a pillow a little hidden we are going to put a cover for our hidden bit. We have a bin and a treasure spot we want to extend it we have friends helping us at the building.
– Aaliyah

Outside our den we have 1 pallet and a bench holding it up. Then we have a pallet at the back of our den witch is holding it up the we put some covers over it and put some sticks inside.
– Emily
We will be looking forward to what we will do soon!


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