Walk down Dows wood

Last Wednesday the biggies went a walk down dows woods. It was quite a nice day. We saw lots of different things. On the way To the woods we saw ash trees with helicopters people were throwing them about. We then got down to the start of the woods there was loads of squishy mud. It was quite dark at some points because of all the trees were above us

We walked down a bit further there was some fire weed I got a picture of a bee on one of them. As we were walking people were picking up brambles and leaves. We found a rainbow leaf. Whatever group got the most leaves got group points. We then saw 2 butterflies they were a red admiral and a peacock. Mr Johnston got a really good photo of them.

We then had to turn back because we didn’t know how long it would take and we didn’t have much time left. On the grass we found a road it was so small. We then kept going and we eventually got back to the start and we went back to the school and saw the things we collected. We looked at the pictures we took some of them were really nice. We had had a great walk and then we had to get lunch.

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