HOMEWORK GRID – Oct-Dec Term 2021

Over the next 4 weeks, complete at least one activity each week from each of the 4 columns. ✭✭ activities count as 2, but you should make sure they are of good quality!
In addition to this, please read a book for at least 15 minutes every night. This could be your reading book or another one.
Where appropriate, please upload a document or photo of the task to Assignments  in Teams. Or you could email it to your own Glow Email and upload it to Teams in school. If you cannot get online, you can bring your jotter into school and take a photo to upload with your iPad.  If it is work you are proud of or that meets one of your targets you could post it to your e-portfolio.

Measuring Length
Find 6 different things that you can measure the length of.
Make a table showing the object and the weight. Make sure you put the units! Try and find things of quite different lengths.
Review a book you have read and enjoyed. Look at these examples. Here are some ideas. ★★ Food Labels
Have a look at some food labels.
Download this worksheet. Fill it in using word or create your own.
Art, make some! ★★
Stuck for ideas, here are some.
Bonus points if you add it to the Art Gallery: Add Art.
Measure Weight
Find 6 different things that you can weigh.
Make a table showing the object and the weight. Make sure you put the units! You could weigh yourself and some smaller things you could find in the kitchen.
Write a poem about Halloween or Bonfire night. This would be a good time to use some onomatopoeia. You can find out about onomatopoeia. Keep a food diary for 3 days. You can download this sheet to help.Make a mind map about Friction. Watch this video. Be creative. ★★
Practise Rounding:100 Words
Look at the Gallery below. Choose an image. Use it to write 100 words. ★★
Think about a sport you enjoy. List/mindmap the skills and qualities that you would be needed to be successful.Think about something you have learnt outside school. Write a post on your e-Portfolio about it. What skills have you learnt? Ave you any tips. ★★
Speed Tables Test 
25 Grid
2 & 4 25
2, 4 & 8 25
50 Grid
100 Grid
Their, There & They’re
Write a few sentences or a paragraph or two showing you know how to use these words. Hint.
Make a timeline of relationships / friendships that you have had since you were born. think why some have stayed the same and others have changed eg, moving home, starting school, family changes.Watch This Video: What is COP26 Make some notes and a poster to explain what COP26 is? ★★
Make a help sheet to explain how you carry out one of the 4 operations ( +, _, x or ÷) in a formal manner.. ✭✭Spelling/Phonics – Using your spelling or phonics words for this week, write a paragraph with as many words as you can. Be creative, think about punctuation.Brainstorm the qualities of a good friendship / relationship.Find out about Volcanoes. Watch this Video
Take notes
Make a poster to show how a Volcano works. ★★
4 Operations Practise, try Gimme Four Sums. Challenge yourself I need to see the working.
Set out in formal manner or user the grid method for multiplication or repeated subtraction for division.
Fun SpellingDesign an Advert for a Healthy Food.
Tell people why it is good for them and make them excited about it. Remember your persuasive techniques. ★★

100 Words Choose an image. Use it to write 100 words.

UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Their, There, They’re Hint

What is Cop 26

What is A Volcano