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HOMEWORK GRID –April & May 2024

Complete at least one activity each week from each of the 4 columns. ✭✭ activities count as 2, but you should make sure they are of good quality!
In addition to this, please read a book for at least 15 minutes every night. This could be your reading book or another one.
Please upload a document or photo of the task to Assignments  in Teams.

If you cannot get online, you can bring your jotter into school and take a photo to upload with your iPad.  

Remember DUMTUMS Use the Bold text from the grid as a title.

If it is work you are proud of or that meets one of your targets you could post it to your e-portfolio.

Fractions of
Fractions of easier 1/2, 1/4, 1/7 etc.
Fractions of harder
Write instructions about something you can do well. THE UN CONVENTION

Watch this video & this one. Take notes in a style of your own choice (mindmap, bullets).
Creature research

for the second half of the term. More details later.
Fractions Choose one of these:
Equivalent Fractions
Simplify Fractions
Improper fractions
Review a book you have read and enjoyed. Look at these examples. Here are some ideas. ★★
UNCRC Article 7- I have the right to a name and to belong to a country
What does this mean to you, write some notes.
Write a report about learning the trumpet or trombone. ★★
4 Operations
Practise your four operations, do 4 sums that are just at the right level If you need the practise you could do this one every week.
Fun Spelling Included
Think of a strategy to including people in a group situation. Make up a slogan (★) or create a poster with your slogan. ★★
World Day for
Cultural Diversity
Tue 21st of May is World Day for
Cultural Diversity
find out about that. Write down some thoughts.
Calendar Choose three dates that are significant (e.g. birthday, holiday, sponsored cycle). They use a calendar to calculate and then record how many days, weeks & months there are until each event. Information Poster
4 sessions 
1. Choose a topic you are interested in, find a webpage or video to tell you about it. Take notes.
2. Write text for the poster.
3. Proof read text and find or draw some pictures.
4. Create a poster, think hard about presentation. Remember this is a whole week’s work. This can be digital or on paper.
RRS Article 15
You have the right to choose your own friends and join or set up groups, as long as it isn’t harmful to others.
What do you think of this right? What do you need to think about in the playground? Write a paragraph ★
Scratch Task 
Log on to Scratch
Create a new project, look at the tutorials and choose one to try out.
Embed your finished project on your e-Portfolio
could be ✭✭ or ★★★
Tell the Time
Time – clock to 24 & analogue

Time – 12 Hour analogue
Inferential Questions: Write 3 inferential questions for a chapter of a book you are reading, ( answers to inferential questions cannot be found in the text, but they are supported by evidence in the text.) ★Success
Explain how you have achieved success and how this makes you feel.
Out of School Learning 
Write up something you are learning out of school for your e-Portfolio Either ✭ or ✭✭ depending on quality of work. Make sure you tell me if you think it is ✭✭
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Spelling/Phonics – Using your spelling or phonics words for this week, write a dialogue with as many of words as you can. Be creative, think about punctuation especially speech marks.

 Think about what makes friendships / relationships strong / weak. Consider ways in which they can improve their relationships.
Write a paragraph or illustrate friendship.
Art Drawing from Life
Take 15-20 minutes and draw something you can see. Choose something with a lot of intricate shapes. Look and draw. Do not imagine!
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