HOMEWORK GRID – 16th November – 11th December

Over the next 4 weeks, complete at least one activity each week from each of the 4 columns.
In addition to this, please read a book for at least 15 minutes every night.
Where appropriate, please upload a copy or photo of the task to the class team assignment for the week or email to Mr Johnston. Or you could email it to your own Glow Email and upload it to Teams in school. If it is work you are proud of or meets one of your targets you could post it to your e-portfolio.
Paper copies of work should not be returned to school due to current Covid restrictions.

Maths Literacy H&WB Other
Speed Tables Test

Fun Spelling
Research someone you admire for their achievements

– this could be someone famous, a family member, member of the local community etc.  What did they do, how did they achieve success, what affect did it have on themselves and others, what challenges did they face on the way, how did they feel before, during and after etc.

How Has Electricity Impacted on Our Lives.

Find 3 electrical items in your household. Draw them. Beside each drawing draw how this task was carried out before electricity.

Division Practise, try 5 divisions that challenge you. Use repeated subtraction, the formal method or both. Spelling/Phonics – Using your spelling or phonics words for this week, write a paragraph with as many phoneme words as you can. Be creative, think about punctuation.  Think of a positive change people could make in their life. Design a poster to help them. Research, Think of a subject that would make a good item for the BB podcast. Research and write a script. This could be something that your are interested in personally or something we are doing in school.
Find tools to measure in your house. Make a list noting what they measure and what units they use. Choose one of your spelling words. Use it to inspire a poem. You could write a lune, acrostics, haiku, rhyming poem or something else. Design an Exercise program that could be used by a particular group of people, School ages, young adults or older people. Report, write a report of an activity you have enjoyed recently in school. Make this a script for a news item for the podcast.
4 operations Division Practise, do 1 each of adding, subtracting, dividing & multiplying in the formal way.  Gimmie some Sums Design a new cover for your reading book. You will need to work from memory. Remember the title,  author and illustrator (you)!
Self-esteem is a way of thinking and feeling about yourself.

You can improve your self-esteem by noticing when you have learned to do something new or achieved a target. We notice lots of things in a happy way like riding a bike, doing a new Maths sum or remembering all the words in your favourite song. With someone at home, make a list of all the things that you are good at. It can be anything from drawing, singing, reading, playing a sport to telling great jokes. Make your list as long as you possibly can.

Micro:bit use the make code editor to create some code for your micro:bit. Get ideas from the Tutorials on that page. Save and upload to teams or take a screenshot.
Make a help sheet to explain how you do something in maths. Write about a book you have read outside school. Explain why you read it and what you liked about it.
Talk to your parent or guardian about an achievement in your life that made you feel proud of yourself.

( For example, the day I spent all my pocket-money on a bone for my neighbour’s dog because he had cut his paw on broken glass). Try to explain what made you act in the way that you did. Was it because you thought it would be a nice thing to do? Was it because you felt it would be helpful? Was it because you thought people expected it? Would you do the same again?

Art, make a line drawing of something using only a pencil. concentrate on the lines of the object you choose to draw rather than colour, shading or texture.