HOMEWORK GRID –Summer Term – 2022

Complete at least one activity each week from each of the 4 columns. ✭✭ activities count as 2, but you should make sure they are of good quality!
In addition to this, please read a book for at least 15 minutes every night. This could be your reading book or another one.
Where appropriate, please upload a document or photo of the task to Assignments  in Teams. Or you could email it to your own Glow Email and upload it to Teams in school. If you cannot get online, you can bring your jotter into school and take a photo to upload with your iPad.  

Remember DUMTUMS Use the Bold text from the grid as a title.

If it is work you are proud of or that meets one of your targets you could post it to your e-portfolio.

Calendar Choose three dates that are significant (e.g. birthday, holiday, sponsored cycle). They use a calendar to calculate and then record how many days, weeks & months there are until each event. 
Review a book you have read and enjoyed. Look at these examples. Here are some ideas. ★★Picnic
Plan a picnic with healthy food for your family. Make it Healthy and tasty. Remember it needs to be packed.
Bonus ★ describe where you would go.
Watch this video and make notes about what you learn. Read the post for more details. Spike Essential App tour

Read this BBC web page and watch the video.

Write your own explanation of what probability is. give an example of your own.
Make a Character Plan poster
Draw your character
Write notes on what they are like, family, where do they live, what kind of personality do they have. Main events in their life.
Review what you have learnt in P.E. this year. Choose one topic, describe what you learnt and what challenges you should tackle next.
ICT Task 
Create instructions for how you carry out an ICT task, put enough details in to make it worth ✭✭
Data Handling

Draw a bar graph to show this data. Remember to label everything correctly.

Create a poster advertising your favourite hobby. Use some persuasive techniques to make other people want to do this.
An interesting title.
Information about the hobby.
Catchy slogans (alliteration)
Opinions (exaggerate).
Exciting picture.
Food and Advertising.
Try this activity from NLC Digital School
Food Advertising Analysis.
You will need to log on to Glow.
Out of School Learning 
Write up something you are learning out of school for your e-Portfolio Either ✭ or ✭✭ depending on quality of work. Make sure you tell me if you think it is ✭✭
Problem solving
Write some word problems for pupils at your level. Solve them. Or you could swap problems with a classmate, bring them to school on Wednesday.
Information Text -Making Notes – A Bird
Part 1 choose a bird video, write notes on the video ★
Part 2 Write an information text on the bird using your notes. ★★
Arcade Work on Arcade, Remember to sign in. Screenshot and write notes about the game you make. Share it and include the url. 
Fractions to Decimals Convert some fractions to decimals 

Spelling/Phonics – Using your spelling or phonics words for this week, write a dialogue with as many of words as you can. Be creative, think about punctuation especially speech marks.Music choose a piece of music you like. Explain why you like it. Who sings or plays it, what type of music is it. What can you find out about it? 
Think of how you present this. It could be an information text or poster.
Simplify Fractions Simplify some fractionsSetting
Write the beginning of a story, include some details of the setting, make it so interesting that your reader will want to read the rest.

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