Scribble Bots 2 – But is it Art?

We had great fun finishing of our scribble bots and making some “art”. We found that chunks of glue stick worked better than rubbers to keep the wobble going.

Is it Art? you be the judge:

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We also used videos, pictures, drawing to write reports and instruction about Scribble Bots on our e-portfolios.

The First Lego League

The Primary Sevens along with Caelan from p6 have been working really hard this term on the First Lego League Challenge :

FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams are introduced to a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on. The robotics part of the competition involves designing and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots to complete tasks. The students work out a solution to a problem related to the theme (changes every year) and then meet for regional, national and international tournaments to compete, share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots.


Their team is called the Cog Cats.

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The challenge has involved an incredible amount of hard work. Along with the robot challenges went an innovation project where the children had to design a solution to the problem of keeping people active.

The group were also judged on their core values of:

  • DISCOVERY – Team explored new skills and ideas.
  • INNOVATION – Team used creativity and persistence to solve problems
  • IMPACT – Team applied what they learned to improve their world.
  • INCLUSION – Team demonstrated respect and embraced their differences
  • TEAMWORK – Team clearly showed they had worked as a team throughout their journey.
  • FUN – Teams clearly had fun and celebrated what they have achieved

The group have worked on this all term working very independently and show an amazing amount of resilience. Both in the robot challenges and the innovation project the children have had to repeatedly iterate on their work, improving and testing each time.

They have exemplified the school values of Respect, Responsibility Resilience & Compassion

On Thursday 17th June we went along to the virtual South of Scotland heats. The group had to run their robot through the challenges, present on their innovation project and answer questions on their core values.

Although we did not win our heat, we were delighted to be the winners in the Core Values section. I think this victory show what we already know about this primary seven they are pretty decent kids!

Litter pick in Dow’s woods

Today we Went to Dows woods. We went because we were going to do a community litter pick.

So in the morning we set off we collected our bags and put on our gloves and of course picked up our litter pickers. When we went into Dow’s wood we went searching for litter at the start we got a couple of bits. We were all in partners and we took shots each of holding the litter picker and the bags.

When we went further in the woods we found some more litter we found a couple of green plastic things that was laying about so we took them to the path and decided we would collect them on the way back since they were big.

So we ventured on until we reached one of our favourite bits of the woods which is where the rocks are then we took a photo of all of the rubbish we found. Some of the rubbish we found was a chicken feeder plastic tubes which we took of off the trees that had grown to big for them and some containers from sweets. It was really great going to Dow’s woods and I think we all hope we will ventures there again.

Scribble Bots

The Biggies have been making Scribble bots.
They need to use the knowledge and circuit building skills they had learnt during our electricity lessons in term 1. Some Teamwork, practical skills and problem solving lead to success.

Highlights of the Week 14 May 2021

Another busy one! We have Miss Mowitt in class helping us a the moment, she has brought some fun ideas.

The Primary Lego group made some progress, we now have our competition  playing field finished and set up. This week the group tested an example challenge:


The Primary sixes had a deal of fun making a robot avoid crashing:


Miss Mowitt, worked on some data handling and we had some good looking results.



We have been learning about Ramadan and the class made some fanoos lanterns.


The Highlight of the week should have been sports day on Wednesday, but it was too wet. We wrote some poems instead.

Two of my favourites were Ben’s:


A universe that never ends
The water is strong
Like an army going to war
It over takes any obstacle

and Lara’s:


The bright sun beaming through in my window,
just like to look out to see the birds flying past my window,
bird after bird.

But everyone has some good ideas and words. Quite a few were a bit longer.

on Thursday the weather was much drier, and a lot colder, so we went out for

Sports Day

Although we missed the audience we had a great sports day. The children were brilliant at taking part, playing fairy and encouraging others. Lots of enthusiasm

There will be some more pictures of the sport’s day on the main Banton site soon.

Follow the line to Creativity

The Primary sixes have been working on programming their micro:bits to follow a line. We added a bit of creativity to the coding by designing tracks to give the bots some character: disco dances, dogs and more.

The class also were creative in their movie making:

We will add the rest of the videos when they are finished.

Highlights of the week 23 Apr 2021

We have had a really busy week the first week back. The class are really working hard in their maths and literacy.

The Robots project is going well.

We had a walk down to Dow’s wood on Wednesday and Dows Wood VisitAmong other thing there were some amazing drawing done in a very short time:

Aaron combined his language & ice skills in the outdoors:

Arron's poem

The Primary Sevens had 2 challenges from Kilsyth Academy, we decided it would be a good idea for the sixes to join in. The first challenge involved designing a boat:

The second was to design a setting for Tunnock’s teacakes:

teacake designers The biggies have great imagination & design skills. The creature image is Alice’s she turned her Teacake upside down to make a campfire!

Back to School Highlights

I was really glad to see all the children back in class this week. We have taken a fairly gentle start to getting back into routine. Everyone settled down really well and are working and playing enthusiastically. Quite a few children seem to have grown an inch or two over lockdown. 

On Tuesday we started a new project on Robotics, the Primary 7s are working on the First Lego League challenge and have spent a bit of time starting their first tasks and getting their heads round all the boxes and elements of the challenge. The Team will have to use teamwork, innovate and investigate values while building lego, programming robots and solving problems.

Meanwhile the primary sixes are working on programming micro:bit move robots. I was really please by how well they remembered and used their micro:bit skills and worked independently. I am looking forward to seeing them learn more coding and apply that to some maths and problem solving. 

On Wednesday we went for a walk to Dow’s wood. We were looking for signs of spring, there are not too many about yet. Some trees, hawthorn are starting to put out leaves and we found some hazel catkins. It was a beautiful, clear day. After some adventures in the mud the class had a game of hide and seek. Back in school we have been recording our afternoons in individual ways, showing lots of creativity.

There have been plenty of other things going on this week, some good writing, accurate maths and brilliant fielding. I am looking forward to next week.